10 Stunning and Effective Real Estate Websites for Your Design Inspiration

Although we all hope that inspiration will strike us in a moment of quiet reflection, that’s very rarely the case. Most successful web designers don’t gather their ideas by shutting themselves away for hours at a time, but rather from their environment. The things they see, read, watch, hear, smell, touch, and interact with will have some influence on the way they design.

A great way to gather inspiration for your website design is to look at successful examples. If you’re working on a real estate website, and you need some great ideas, here are some striking and effective websites worth your perusal.

  1. Zephyr Real Estate

“Zephyr turns savvy Bay area sophisticates into successful homeowners, investors, and sellers,” is the tagline for this San Francisco area real estate agency, and their website delivers the same effect. The black and green design is the right balance of bold and effective, speaking of modern luxury that no doubt appeals to their clientele. As you browse the listings and area information, you’re surrounded by striking photography and tempting calls to action.

  1. Coldwell Banker

You’re probably a little more familiar with this real estate franchise that operates across the United States, but the web design is often taken for granted. Not only is it visually appealing with rotating cover photos, but it also has easy-to-use search and filter options in the top fold. As they scroll or peruse other pages within the website, clients will be privy to useful information, maps, interactive videos, and more.

  1. Green Residential

Located in Houston, this flat-rate realty office doubles as a property management firm. Their website is branded with the iconic green colors that go with their logo. There’s simple navigation, search features, testimonials, photography, contact information, and more. As you browse their pages, you’ll also see an impressive, well-designed blog that helps Green Residential stay at the top of search engine rankings for the area.

  1. Lifestyle Hotels

The goal of this real estate website is a little different, since it focuses on finding stunning, livable hotels for business and pleasure travel, but the concepts are the same. They offer listings for multiple cities and countries so that those who travel often have a more comfortable place to stay. The images, set in a parallax scroll, are breathtaking, and the stationary navigation bars make it easy for clients to filter and search with each visit.

  1. Team Greene

Striking is the best word to describe the effect when you land on the homepage of Team Greene real estate in southeast Idaho. Beautiful imagery and solid descriptions blend into a great branding experience. As you scroll, you’ll encounter videos and breathtaking imagery of the homes and surrounding area that are designed to convert. 

  1. Ava 55 Ninth

Ava 55 Ninth is a San Francisco-based real estate website designed to find renters their ideal homes and apartments. The contemporary design uses color, texture, and simplicity to grab attention. As you scroll, the important information remains at the top while you look through listings, information, videos, maps, and more. Each image is enticing and encourages action from its visitors.

  1. City Feet

Commercial property owners and investors also deserve a little eye candy in the real estate sector, and City Feet is an excellent example. You open the page to a gorgeous, industrial backdrop framing search bars and filters common in good real estate websites. The website has a shorter scroll than many websites, but it’s not lacking on great photos and detailed info. Visitors can get anywhere they want to go through the straightforward links provided. 

  1. Sheerin Feizi Group

Located in Delray Beach, FL, this real estate website must be top notch to cater to its high-profile clients. Visitors are greeted by stunning imagery of the gorgeous Delray area, so they’re already itching to learn more. As you scroll, you’ll see filtered search functions, buttons to learn more about a certain topic, property listings, information about the firm, and calls to action. The entire site is sophisticated and highly effective.

  1. Stein New York

This husband and wife team in New York City has mastered finesse and beauty in their site. The rotating imagery of beautiful New York apartments and homes is enough to make anyone keep scrolling. There are excellently displayed galleries, about us and testimonials sections, and filters to help clients find exactly what they want in a high quality New York home.

  1. Compass

This coast-to-coast real estate agency also knows the power of large, quality images in generating conversions. Not only does it let visitors search home options right from the homepage, but there are also tools to guide visitors to homes all over the country. As you scroll, you’ll find even more to love about this breathtaking site, and you’ll want to steal the great ideas!