Some Web Design Trends You Absolutely Need To Consider

Web design trends come and go. Being aware of what is big right now can be a huge game changer for any website. If you want to end up with a stronger online presence, you absolutely need to at least consider modern trends.

Here are those you should know about right now.

Vivid Color Schemes

Designers ended up having a world of opportunities in 2014, thanks to the introduction of Material Design by Google. The change was mainly visible in color use. Designers can now use many different vibrant colors, all in a setting that is controlled. Experimentation is something that is recommended. Experiments are surely going to be done in regards to photo saturation, double exposure and gradients.

Rebellious Typography Options

For starters, this is obviously about header text, not about something else, as some might think. As you can see at, the use of different typography can have a highly attractive result. Rules are established in terms of standard test and legibility, but this is not something that has an effect on headings.

On the whole, header text is becoming much more styled, with various possible changes, like random placement, bold, odd spaces, transparency and strange deforming. Pushing text limits is something that has to be considered.


Many believed that simplicity was not something that was going to last but because of the fact that mobile device use keeps growing, simplicity in web design is here to stay. We need websites that load as fast as possible and we should do all that we can in order to offer a perfect experience for mobile users. In the future, most online traffic will happen on mobile gadgets. Getting ready for this is something that is necessary.


Users now expect certain things from websites. They want to see a top navigation area, to scroll down when needing to see more content on the page and to click links when they see them and want to learn more.

Designers are now capable of experimenting with layouts and grids that can offer truly unforeseen changes. Asymmetrical balance can easily captivate and astonish users all throughout the journey they have on a site.

Micro Interactions

Bold and big animations will not always be needed. Nowadays, this is highly true as typefaces and colors are much bolder. They move away from traditional norms. There is a clear increase in micro-interactions. This is a trend that will most likely not change in the future. Using animation in order to reward users engaging with websites is something that should be considered.

Increased Use Of Video

Web designers need to take full advantage of video technology. We are looking at an increase in the number of videos shot and uploaded online. This is due to the fact that videos simply offer much more information than text in a shorter period of time. People are on the move and time available every single day is highly limited. Implementing video on a site is something that can prove to be really effective.