Most Popular Website Designs of 2017

Finding a great design for your website can make all the difference in converting passing traffic to sales and returning visitors. Whether you’re running a personal website, portfolio, or business site, you’ll want a design that’s intuitive and unique to give visitors a great impression. Well-designed websites have clean, well-segmented sections with the right ratio of content to blank space and a good selection of graphics and typography. Check out these popular website designs to give your website the right look.

1. Creative Bootstrap Design

Bootstrap is becoming one of the most popular frameworks for website design, and this Creative design template adds a great twist to the basic framework. This is a popular, free design used by start-ups and companies looking to revise outdated websites with a responsive, modern web interface. Creative is a one-page design based on Bootstrap 4, with an alternate version available for those who require Bootstrap 3.

2. Composer

Composer is one of the most popular premium designs for WordPress websites. With a basic web hosting plan and a $60 design budget you can build a professional website that rivals any corporate site. This premium WordPress design by Envato comes with 200 layout options, and a visual composer for those who don’t want to deal with editing code. This is a great design for businesses and online shops, with grid-style formatting and plenty of buttons to insert where desired.

3. Enfold Design

If you’re concentrated on mobile traffic, as most website owners should be at this point, then this is the right design for you. Enfold is popular among WordPress users with online stores and secure forms. This clean, editable design has product placement sections built in so you can easily showcase your inventory and reach buyers.

4. Andrina Lite Design

This website design for WordPress sites is free and easy to customize. The lite version of this theme runs fast and has enough features to run any type of website or business. Andrina Lite is a niche-friendly design that’s intuitive and clean, making use of white space between headers, sections, and footers. This design has room for up to 5 widgets out of the box, and can be replicated or customized as needed.

5. BeTheme

The BeTheme website design by Envato is one of the most popular HTML themes on the web. This top-selling premium theme is packed with design features and lightweight enough to load blazingly fast, even when fitted with high-resolution, well-compressed graphics. The diverse design has 300 pre-built layouts for one-click installation to create any type of website. Photographers and artists with portfolios will appreciate the easy to use Portfolio layout included with this design. This theme can be purchased for commercial use for just $18, and is worth every penny.

6. Andromeda

This popular design for Drupal websites is a great choice for those who like the 3D lightbox look and pop-up effects. Andromeda is often updated, but was first developed a few years back and still remains one of the most downloaded designs on Drupal’s official website due to its timeless design featuring layered backgrounds, drop shadows, and well-arranged vertical sectioning. This design is completely free to download for personal and commercial websites.

7. Wedding Website Design

The Wedding website design has hundreds of uses beyond weddings, though it does make a stunning wedding planning and memorial website. This is one of the most popular designs for WordPress site owners that want something a little out of the ordinary. The design contains a large image or video slideshow up top and featured sections with large graphic placement just below. This incredible design pattern will inspire you to find some great typography and make a creative outlet out of your next website.

8. Porto

Porto is a fully responsive theme that’s gained popularity in recent months because of its wide-reaching compatibility and fast loading times. This design is based on the Bootstrap 4 framework and works well on any device or screen size, including phones, tablets, and smart TVs. Porto is most popular as an HTML5 template, but is also available through ThemeForest as a Joomla, WordPress, or Drupal theme.

9. Foundry

Foundry is a widely popular website design relied upon by hundreds of companies and online stores. This HTML5 website design doesn’t require a Content Management System (CMS,) so you can install it on practically any web hosting server. Foundry has a modern feel, which is great for entertainment and social media based websites. This premium design will only set you back $19 at ThemeForest.

10. Polo

Polo is a design template for building HTML5 websites. This design can serve as the basis for nearly any site, including business and sales-driven websites and personal portfolios. There are over 200 configurable frontend options included in this design, meaning despite the design’s massive popularity you can use it to make an entirely unique-looking website. Polo is responsive and doesn’t require the use of a CMS.

These website designs are field-tested and come with easily replaceable graphic and text placements. If you’re sales-oriented and need to convert visitors into customers then opt for one of the business-themed site designs on the list, while artists, photographers and personal websites will benefit from some of the more creative and decorative designs. These designs run cross-platform and vary in price from free to $60, which is within the perfect range for any new website looking for a popular design style.