An Overview of the Apps Available for Wix Events

Wix makes it easy for your brand to host events online. Let people know about your event and make sure that your name is in as many different places as possible. It’s all possible when you build a website with Wix.

But the value of Wix Events is in the customization options available. You can craft the event that you want. You can use the tools you want. Here’s a look at some of the apps available for your next event.

ShoutOut Invitations

Start your event off right by inviting the people. ShoutOut Invitations allows you to create beautiful invitations to send out to your list of guests. Whether it’s your entire email list or a select group of customers, you can customize your invitation according to your needs.

Google Event Calendar

Some brands have more events than others. It can be difficult to remind everyone about the various seminars, live streams, and offline events that you have in the pipeline.

The Google Event Calendar is an easy way to remind people about what you have coming up soon.

Eventbrite & Meetup

Not all of your events will involve just showing up. If your brand is trying to make money from some of its more exclusive events, you need a way in which interested parties can purchase tickets.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to worry about setting up an entire eCommerce site to get things done. This app allows you to add your events in and make ticket purchases available in a matter of minutes.

Custom Domain Name

You may think that custom domains for your big events are the preserve of huge brands. The Custom Domain Name app allows you to create a temporary domain name with Wix for your event.

This is something that will make your event stand out. It shows that it’s a big deal, which is what you want if you’re going to get people truly interested.

Spreading the Word with Social Media Apps

Social media is the lifeblood of any successful event. Without inserting social media into your campaign you’re going to struggle to get the following you want. Wix has apps for all the major social media networks to allow buttons to be placed on your website. These can be temporary or permanent.

Another app called Social Media Management lets you track your social media following at the same time. This is essential for optimizing your social media presence on your Wix-built website.

You may also want to consider the Community Forum app. If you want to enhance interaction between your brand, your audience, and between different attendees a temporary forum is a great way to do it. This app lets you create a dynamic discussion forum.

40+ Galleries

The importance of visual content can’t be underestimated. The 40+ Galleries app lets you showcase your various images with 40 different professional galleries. These galleries are polished and are perfectly optimized to catch the attention of your target market.

Beautiful Stock Images

This part of Wix Events is great if you just don’t have the time to go out and snap your own images for your event. There are millions of different stock images.

They’re taken professionally and have been edited for clarity. It’s a much more affordable alternative to visiting dedicated stock photo websites.

Interactive Videos

Video content has been the next big thing for a few years now. With more and more people browsing exclusively on their smartphones, video content is often the only way to keep them engaged. This app goes one step further than a mere video. You can now create interactive videos.

Interactive videos make things personal. They help you to tag the people and the places you’re in. Now your next video will be a guaranteed unique viewing experience.

Video Maker

But what if you don’t have the time to go out and make a new video for every event you hold?

Companies have found a solution to this. They’re creating short, simple, yet engaging animated videos to send out a message. They may look complex, but they can be put together and published in a single day. The Wix Video Maker app lets you make those animated videos without any prior experience or knowledge.

It’s a far better alternative to employing an expensive video maker to get the job done.

Last Word – Make Your Next Event What It Should Be

Your next event is sure to go off without a hitch with Wix Events. These apps will give you everything you need to make it a success. And this overview just scratches the surface of what’s possible.

Dig a little deeper and find out about what else Wix Events has to offer brands everywhere.

Are you ready for your brand’s next event to be a raging success?