How Product Design Contributes to Your App’s Success

Success rates of any mobile service are measured by means of its reaching (or not) certain business objectives. You’ll need users’ engagement to achieve such aim, thus, your product design is what you should focus on. We shall discuss what it’s all about, and how exactly the design influences specific service popularity and success.

Your service design puts together the interface, users’ experience, graphical elements, animations. The proper combination of mentioned components builds a certain visual language responsible for application effectiveness and success among the users.

Do you think it’s easy to find a middle ground between market requirements and users’ needs? This is exactly what developers should strive for.

Here are few recommendations as to mobile service general characteristics:

  • easiness and convenience to apply;
  • meeting owners’ objectives and users’ requirements;
  • a one-of-a-kind visual representation.

The whole team of UI/UX design company shall be involved in online product elaboration. All decisions, especially, tough ones, shall be made wisely.

Well, let’s see point by point how the service design and its future destiny are interrelated.

1. Professional design establishes proper communication, as well as it clarifies on mobile service benefits

At the very first stage of application building, when you determine all requirements which your client has and while planning your project altogether, your team shall do everything possible to ensure that you and your client have the same understanding of the final version of the application. Your priority is to figure out the most optimal way to make those plans come true.

It’s critical to keep in mind that conducting certain market researches are required to collect information on your target users. You also have to figure out who your potential competitors are. Mentioned researches shall guarantee better users’ engagement. Moreover, it’s your instrument in order to come up with a one-of-a-kind online product creating another segment at the market.

Do those benefits look like something you’re interested in?

Effective designing is a result of teamwork, a collaboration between UI/UX design company, distributors, and clients, of course. That would lead to success.

2. Proper design serves for making your application user-friendly and convenient

Everyone realizes how essential it is to develop a product with a simple and clear design. Developers usually take Apple as a bright representative of such a case. At first sight, it might look like Apple products are far from being simple. However, they’re very thought-through and well-designed.

When speaking of simplicity in-app designing, we mean more than the only visual aspect. It involves solutions to ensure users’ understanding of service operating principles. Thus, the onboarding process turns out to be much more smooth, since users get engaged with an application faster.

One of the key developers tasks is to achieve simplicity while removing anything which might worsen users’ experience.

3. Design prevents possible failures

Experienced developers can easily turn the designing process into a handy risk management instrument. Being professionals as to users’ behaving, they’re aware of the secrets of best users’ experience developing. Great UI/UX design companies know the rivals and specific market conditions, hence, they can easily predict an efficiency level of a certain decision.

It would be pretty wise to analyze possible users’ reaction since such knowledge could be priceless showing developers some functionalities which should better be adjusted to comply with customers’ requirements. Such service will be surely wanted.

4. Design is what attracts and keeps the audience

Nowadays many services might experience engagement crises when the majority of the audience quits the service within 90 days. Your strongest weapon to fight against such a cruel reality is users’ engagement.

There exist some instruments to help you out:

  • Onboarding

Users’ initial impression does matter. The main reasons for onboarding pages are to guide the audience clarifying the key principles of your platform operating. Use such possibility to encourage them to enjoy your online product! Show your users some care! Make them feel valued!

  • Giving something extra

Your audience will surely appreciate some nice touch of yours. It actually depends significantly on your program type. However, you could take a look at various similar services to see what it could be. What if you offer your users to type what they want in an empty field? Do you think your target audience will enjoy competing with other users? After you learn your final demographics, you’ll figure out your options.

  • Gamification features

Competitive spirit is in human nature. Thus, offering people some options to earn some rewards will foster customers to use your platform again and again. All you need to do is to awaken such spirit of the audience.

  • Notifications

Such an option is your loyal friend to improve users’ engagement. Such specific call-to-action tools are applicable for inside the service, as well as for the outside. Think of the solutions to ensure your notifications being specific, pertinent and due-timed.

5. Design shall configure the service identity

Do you know what’s the best means to achieve great users’ engagement? It’s empathy which shall be your number one instrument. Just add a few simple and delicate details and… Voilà! Well-thought colors together with flashy icons will do the magic to present your product as a unique one.

Do you remember Facebook “likes” or Tinder “swipe left”? This is how it works.

There are no unimportant details here. Think through which element you’ll make the face of the service, and what could be your mobile service trigger.

6. Intuitive design is cost-effective

Finally, we shall see how design could be cost and time-saving.

Pre-developing activities are extremely vital. Market researches, target audience analysis, prototyping, feedback collection… The more time and efforts you devote to each phase the faster the designing will finish, the higher quality assurance will be achieved, and the better support activities will be ensured.

Are you now motivated enough to be patient and dedicated while your service building?

The final purpose of your creation is to facilitate the lives of your users. When installing various functionalities into your platform, be certain that everything is implemented the way it should in order to be practical and convenient. Thus, the design turns out to be the right tool to achieve such purpose.

We hope that now the connection between your product design and service future success is clear. It’s all in your hands. We wish you a successful and enjoyable journey!