6 Essential Web Design Tips You Can Use Today

If you have a business that requires a website, you need to make sure you get it right. If your site doesn’t look professional, your would-be customers might go with one of your competitors instead. Even if you’re trying to monetize a blog or something along those lines, you still need a site that meets your needs.

Here are some useful web design tips that should get you started on the right track. Hopefully, once you implement these techniques, you’ll end up with a fantastic website that’s everything you hoped it would be.

Hire a Web Design Company if You Need One

You might feel like you can create a website yourself if you have some experience in this area. However, you may also decide you want to hire a web design company instead. You might want to do this because:

  • You may need to add some site elements with which you have no prior experience
  • You might be too busy doing other things to create the site yourself

You might be a web design guru, but you may have too many other things on your plate to create the site yourself. Maybe you have to secure business funding, come up with a marketing strategy, etc.

If you decide you can handle the web design or someone on your team can do it, that’s great. If you don’t really have the time or expertise to do it, check out some web design companies and find one that’s within your budget and has the proper experience.

Think About the Right Font

The font is one website element that some creators neglect. Whether you are creating the business’s site yourself or hiring someone to do it, make sure you look at the font before the site goes live. You should do this because:

  • Some fonts instill a particular feeling or emotion
  • The wrong font sends the wrong message

If you’re selling something like high-end clothing, you want an elegant font. If you’re creating something kids will want to buy, the font should be fun and eye-catching.

Consider the Color Scheme

You’ll also want to look at your website’s color scheme before it goes live. Different colors instill various emotions and moods.

For instance, if you’re selling romantic chocolate displays, you might want a passionate red or a regal purple. Green makes people think of nature, while white makes them think of purity. If you’re selling wedding gowns, you’ll probably want a lot of white throughout the website.

Don’t Make the Design Elements Too Complicated

Websites have existed for several decades now, and web designers have come up with some concepts that work, while they have discarded those that don’t. When you’re coming up with your site design, you should remember that.

For instance, a simple dropdown menu is perfect if you want someone to see your different products and services, but you don’t want to clutter up the landing page by listing all of them. The landing page should be simple, without any distracting popups or unwanted elements that will annoy a first-time visitor.

Use Tasteful, Compelling Visuals

People respond to visual elements. If they come to your site’s landing page, and all they see are text blocks, they won’t react well to that.

You should have some pictures, videos, or symbols on the site’s landing page and the other pages as well. They should be original. If a person sees what are obviously stock photos, they probably won’t like that very much.

If you have the time and the ability, make the videos or take the pictures yourself. If you have other things to do, hire a professional to produce them for you. You might have photos and videos of people enjoying your services and products, or maybe you can have some images of your creative process.

If you’re a craft beer maker, you might have some pictures of your brewmaster adding the hops or sampling a fresh pint. If you own a restaurant, you could have some full-color images of your popular dishes.

Feature Easy Payment Methods

If you have an eCommerce business site, you should have several easy ways for people to pay for your services and products. You might accept all major credit cards, but you should also think about partnering with PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.

You should also mention your site’s security measures. That way, people will feel comfortable giving you their credit card numbers and shipping information.