Best Jobs To Start Off A Career in Web Development

For many people, the year 2020 meant more time for reflection and evaluation. And for some, it brought forward the prospect of pursuing a new professional path.

If you know your way around a laptop and find yourself at the crossroads, remember that web development continues to be one of the most active and sought-after domains world-wide. There are multiple reasons to consider building a future career in the website production industry.

Getting to work in a fast growing industry that also pays good money  for your time and skills is one of them. Finding a balance between using your creativity and your technology knowledge is another. Furthermore, having the option to work as a freelancer can be motivating if you’re a fan of flexible schedules and a more independent management of your workload.  Add the constant need for web developers on the market and you may just find this to be the best time to apply.

To get a clearer look over the available options, here are 4 great start-off careers in web design.

1. Full Stack Development

The job description includes knowledge of both front-end and back-end technologies. A full stack developer is in charge with building websites and apps and must know a diverse range of front-end languages, such as HTML, JavaScrips, CSS, while also mastering server-side languages like Java, .Net, Python, PHP and Ruby.

The full stack developer also has to be an efficient communicator, as he usually works with other members of the team. It may sound like a lot of learning effort, but it is bound to pay off, as this job is known as one of the highest paid in web design.

2. UI Designer

The User Interface Designer is in charge with creating intuitive and engaging interfaces for different web applications, delivering an amazing experience for the user. A UI Designer combines technical skills with creativity, graphic design and also notions of psychology, since you will be studying human behaviour in regards to apps.

Main tasks will revolve around researching user requirements, planning and implementing new UI designs, optimize existing ones and offer troubleshoot solutions. Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Sketch, In Vision and Zeplin are some of the most needed tools an UI Designer must master. For more information, here are five insider tips about the job from an expert UI Designer.

3. IT Technician

If you are drawn towards hardware as well as software, then an IT Technician job might be the right one for you. Curiosity is an IT Technician’s best friend, as he has to learn new things about the continuously evolving operating systems, application, tracking and cyber security systems.

On top of the challenges included by the job itself, the IT Technician needs to be able to explain what he is doing to the client. So, unless he is working for an IT company, he needs to explain everything to his clients in layman’s terms in order to avoid repeating the problems that caused the need for a professional intervention in the first place.

4. Cloud Engineer

This role is covered by an IT expert that works with a range of responsibilities under the cloud computing umbrella. The Cloud Engineer plans, designs, implements and offers support for the cloud infrastructure. This position is essential inside big companies and is paid accordingly. The person in charge with the cloud system also has to monitor and evaluate the resource consumption and to constantly adapt the service to the needs of its beneficiary.

As any web development position, this one has its share of practical knowledge requirements. Besides working with cloud storage systems like Azure and AWS, the Cloud Engineer is proficient in programming languages like Java and Scala, along with the aforementioned  XML, Python, SQL and .NET.

Many More Out There

These are only four examples of web development careers that you can pursue in 2021. However, if this article caught your attention, we invite you to explore further until you find the job description that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Do not hesitate to do a little bit of digging, and maybe even enhance your skills. Investing in a little on-line education may bring you much closer to your goals, making 2021 your year. For what it’s worth, the Internet is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. And as long as the internet is up and running, web designers will be worth their weight in gold!