How to Beat Technophobia and Launch a Great Website

If you are old enough to remember the Internet being launched to the general public, then chances are some aspects of online possibilities leave you clueless. Even if you would never want to devote your waking hours to designing computer games, or sharing posed pictures on Instagram and Facebook, conquering the great unknown that is cyberspace could be a challenge worth taking on.

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If you have any interest in creating a website but the thought of making it happen brings on a cold sweat you are not alone. Still, the prize for overcoming your technophobia could be an amazing personal website or even a hobby commercial site if that is more interesting or more relevant.

Let Creative Thinking Take Center Stage

Do some free thinking, making notes if you like, on the topic of potential content or uses for a website. Some can be used as a blogging platform – the ideal place to share any specialist knowledge or obsessive interest you have with the world. In time, you will attract others who share your passions, and create a valuable focal point and resource bank on your niche topic. Exploring and identifying a clear purpose for your website is essential before you move further forward.

Choose a Straightforward Website Builder to Create Your Site

Some people choose to hire a website designer, and of course that is an option open to anyone prepared to pay for the service. However, even if you have zero understanding of this topic and no experience at all there are options such as which are both free and extremely easy to follow. You simply follow the clearly explained instructions right through from naming your site, to choosing a theme and adding on essential extras.

Ask for Help

Municipal libraries, senior centers, neighbors, children, grandchildren – these are just some of the resources where help could be available to help you launch your website into the online stratosphere. Alternatively, if you feel confident enough to browse online, look for tutorials (especially those with video explanations) on how to choose and set up a hosting plan.

Take Your Time

It is perfectly fine to take things slowly, as moving at a pace you feel completely comfortable with means more minor victories and achievements. That in turn encourages you to continue. Learn enough to be able to produce regular posts or add information to your blog or website, and learn more aspects of site maintenance as you go, in bite size pieces.

Be Open to Change

We all have boundaries, but sometimes they are created by negative things like fear rather than genuine feelings. So, while there is no need to do anything you are not comfortable with, be prepared to at least consider things before dismissing them.  For example, social media may not appeal, but if you knew how Facebook worked you may choose to create a limited profile and try it out.

Technology is workable by all age groups, so find your voice, swallow your fear, and give it a try. You really have nothing to lose, and a whole new world to gain.