7 Growth Tactics to Remember While Launching an eCommerce WordPress Website

So, you have worked on your marketing plans, roped in a logistics partner and even scheduled the date for next round of production. As you were ticking things off the checklist, did you miss out on some important things while launching your eCommerce website through WordPress hosting? We hope you haven’t. However, here is an exhaustive list of must dos that all owners and marketers must keep a check of and why. In addition to this, you can check out some lucrative WordPress plans before you choose a WordPress hosting. So, without further adieu, let us deep dive into the article.

Page load time

Page load time is the actual time taken to upload the full content of your website. It is the time taken by search engine crawlers to crawl on to your web pages. Before launching your eCommerce website, ensure that you have checked your page load time with Yoast. This tool will tell what your current load time is and what you should do to accelerate the same. The reason page load time has been marked important is because Google has taken page load time into account while ranking website. Google’s latest research has shown that the chance of users bouncing off a page increases by 32% if the load time for that page increases from 1 to 3 seconds. Also, it plays a huge role in SEO and user experience.

Mobile Responsiveness

Any online store acts as a product window for customers. Also, customers like browsing and immersing into the details of your product on mobile before they buy an item of their choice. Statistics say that most of the search for product information happens through mobile and buying patterns have marked an increasing trend. In such a case, it is imperative that one makes their eCommerce website mobile responsive.

Image Alt Tags + Filename

You might have spent hours on the photo-shoot and pack-shots of your product. But all the hard work that you do would be worthless if you forget this thumb rule. Any search engine that indexes content and keywords for a website also indexes pictures and images along with it. So, if you miss out on alt tags and filename chances are that you are missing your bus in search. Search engines typically use the information provided by alt texts. It’s a fantastic method devised to bring footprints to your online store. We insist you put this in your list as well.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are those messages that help boost  click rates. They could also be in the form of a rating or a review that we often see next to product images. One of the biggest advantages of having rich snippets in WordPress websites is that they push your rankings up in the search engine. Many companies have seen a rise of 20-30% in their CTRs by adding rich snippets. This is because users feel that the source putting a rich text has authority and can be trusted. Guess you should take these snippets seriously after all.

Push Notifications Browser

Browser push notifications do more than just pushing notifications of your product. They act as a catalyst in your search engine optimization without directly affecting it. This is how it happens; your customers receive push notifications after they visit your WordPress website and because of these notifications, users are likely to visit your website.This traction is responsible for increasing traffic and helps your search engine optimization. Also, push engines tap in a wider audience. They appear directly on any of the devices, even if it is a tablet. And most importantly, they affect your conversion rate. So, another source of pulling your customers in the long run.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Abandoned cart reminders help you optimize the conversion rate and indirectly act as a sales recovery tool for the website. These e-mail plugins act as a push agent when your customers are already in the buying phase. It is reported from credible sources that abandoned cart emails push the conversion rate by 4-5%. Industry trends suggest that an email should be sent at least 1-3 days after the abandonment of cart. Whereas the third one could be sent after 4 days or so as a reminder to pull them back. These are economical pull tactics which could probably lead to a sale, so you might want to pay an extra bit of attention to this.

SMS Updates

SMS updates might sound outdated but they are a great conversion tool for e-Commerce products. Firstly, they aren’t expensive. They can be bulked and sent to many users at a time by plugging in your WordPress hosting website. Also, it has been said that they allow better opportunities for marketing other products in the future. According to an article by mobile marketing match, SMS marketing clocked a staggering 98% open rate with only 1% of spam. So, definitely a channel worth trying.

These were some important pointers you must add to your checklist while you are launching an eCommerce website. These pointers will not only affect your online market share but also affect your business as a whole. We suggest you to take these points with a pinch of salt because the effects are not immediate. Also, if you want to launch an eCommerce website do go through some WordPress plans provided by ResellerClub, one of the most renowned names in the world of web hosting.