5 Interactive Web Design Features to Improve Attention Retention

When it comes to trying to keep people’s attention online, web designers really have to get creative with their methods these days. Because people are so used to just looking for information in a few seconds worth of time, really getting people to dig into what your website is about is a tough sell.

However, there are interactive elements that you can put within your framework to keep that attention focused, at least for a little bit longer. A few of these elements include calculators, calendars, chat sessions, color and design change features, and surveys. Each of these has a function that will keep people clicking or browsing, giving your brand some more time in the browser’s thoughts.


Putting interactive calculators inside your site is something that many people will appreciate. For instance, you can design a car loan payment calculator if you’re in any way related to the auto industry. It will give people a way to enter in numbers that they’re curious about regarding payment plans, all without having to leave your site. From there, if you can design links so that the answer to their calculation question leads them to another part of your site, then you’ll have a more captive audience.


Calendars are another great interactive design element. If your company or brand has any events coming up, by showcasing a calendar that people click on to get more information, then you’re that much closer to getting a clickthrough or a sale. There are some beautiful calendar plugins and apps that you can use as well, so that you don’t have to create the functional aspect of it on your own.

Chat Sessions

Another way to keep attention is to install a chat session option into your website. As long as you have the staff to respond to individual questions, this is an awesome way to get people interacting with your site and your company. Even when someone has a question not directly related to something that you’re selling, at least this is a personalized way to work on trust between you and potential clients.

Color Change Features

It’s a little bit gimmicky, but one thing that websites used to do more of was allow users to personalize color schemes. This could be something as simple as allowing them to change background colors or images, or even change font styles, but it at least gave people a chance to customize their experience temporarily, which can gain attention.


And finally, to really get people to stay on your site, you can set up online surveys for them to take. People love giving their opinions about stuff, and the better you set up your survey, the more information they will give you for free, and the more time they’ll spend within the framework of your web address.