3 Web Design Tips to Make Your Blogs Pop!

With the amount of new content that gets posted to the Internet each and every day, it can be hard to make yours stand out. Aside from providing your audience with quality content that’s relevant to them—whether it’s an interesting blog, informative infographic, quality explainer video or anything else-what else can you do that will give you a leg up on your competition?

One area that many people neglect, especially smaller businesses and bloggers, is the web design aspect of their websites or blogs. Just because you have something valuable to share doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy for people to notice and recognize. Because of this, you have to use some basic web design principles to help take your content to the next level. To help with this, here are three web design tips that will make all your future blogs “pop!”

The Right Style and Number of Fonts

As web designers know, there are hundreds and hundreds of different fonts out there just waiting to be used on your blogs. However, this amount of fonts can make it difficult to know exactly which ones to use and how to integrate the right fonts together.

According to Allen Stafford of MarketingCommunicationsBlog.com, no more than two or three fonts should be used together on any blog. Going over this amount will only serve to increase confusion and unnecessary complexity that won’t actually inspire your readers to stay longer on your blog. Also, when choosing fonts, look for options that are contrasting but complementary in order to create a sense of cohesion and visual interest.

Using the Right Colors

Color plays a big role in making your blog look more appealing, but it’s important to keep in mind that not all colors will work in the same way for presenting your content. According to Jeremy Smith, a contributor to KISSmetrics.com, you should really consider your audience and the psychology of color when picking the right colors for your blog. If your audience is mainly women, use colors like blue, purple and green. If your audience is mainly men, try colors like blue, green and black instead. Each demographic reacts differently to various colors, so understanding this can really help the design of your blog.

Understanding Flow and Intentionality

Having intuitive flow for the content on your blog will do wonders for making your blog stand out. Not only does this apply to the navigation of your blog as a whole, but also to the way in which you present information to your visitors. According to Peep Laja, a contributor to ConversionXL.com, finding a compromise between your objective and wants and your audience’s objectives and wants will be the most beneficial way to create the right flow and intentionality within your blog. Seek to understand these two aspects if you feel that flow is lacking in your web design currently.

With the right web design elements and the right content, your blog really can rise above the rest of the content out there and bring you the following and success you’ve dreamed of. Use the tips mentioned above to create a blog that will truly “pop!” starting today.