Wix SEO Tutorial

Perfecting SEO on your website takes practice. This tutorial is designed to help you understand how to make sure your Wix website is properly optimized so that your website can be ranked in the search engine results.

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Google does not discriminate when it comes to where your site was built, it is all dependent upon how well your SEO is done.

Complete Page Titles and Descriptions

When a person wants to search the web, Google is usually the first place they’ll enter. Once a searcher fills in a certain query, Google will provide the answers in the form of a results page. The results are made up of a list of site pages and display the page’s URL, the title and description of the page. This is why it’s crucial for any website owner to make sure that the titles and descriptions of each page are relevant, descriptive and contain the main keywords of the page. With Wix, all of this easily done through the editor by selecting each page and editing those items in the SEO section.
Every page on your Wix website should have a title and a brief description written. This description should say what your company is, what it does, and what information can be found on that page. Including a few keywords or long-tail keyword phrases helps SEO and search results.

Tip: Try and stay within the maximum allowed character length for both title and description, otherwise your crucial information will not be seen in the results page.

Use the Wix SEO Wizard

The easiest way to master Wix SEO is to use the Wix SEO Wizard. Once you’ve created your website and connected your domain, the wizard will take you through a systematic process to help with the optimization of your website. It is important that you complete each step and do not skip any of them. The Wizard will assess how well your site is optimized, and tell you if there are any major issues, for example – it can tell you if your titles and descriptions are exceeding the maximum recommended length.

Wix SEO Wizard

Once you have completed the tasks with the SEO Wizard program, you can individually make adjustments. Some of these practices will have to be completed with each piece of new content you publish, so it is ideal to create an SEO checklist for yourself to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Customize URL’s

With Wix, it’s extremely easy to customize and change the URL’s of every single page on your website. This way, every one of your pages becomes unique on the web. You can make the changes by going to Pages on the editor, selecting the page you’d like to work on, and in the SEO options just fill in your desired URL for your page.

The URL of each page should be relevant to the content that is on the page, and can and should also contain keywords that are relevant to that specific page.

Tip: Try and include your page’s main keywords in your page URL’s for the best results in the search engines.

Add-on Appropriate Wix Apps

The most important Wix App to install is the SEO Analytics app. It helps you keep track of your SEO positions and shows you how your backlinks are performing. You’ll also get a bit of insight as to what your competitors are doing.

Another ideal Wix App to install is Easy SEO Blog to help your blog posts perform well.  Visitor Analytics and Ranking Coach are other important apps to consider because monitoring your website’s SEO performance regularly is necessary.

Add a blog to your Wix site

Blogging is an important strategy to implement for better SEO. Including a blog on your website gives you the opportunity to share fresh content on a continuous basis. The content that you create, should be relevant to your industry and provide valuable information for your readers. Making your content shareable is another great way to boost your SEO, as Google recognizes that some content gains more traction than others and in turn will reward the more popular blog posts.

It’s extremely easy to add a blog to your Wix website. In addition, you can change title, description and the URL of each individual post to make sure readers will find your content easily on the web.

Tip: Blog control lies in your hands, so make the most out of this opportunity by adding relevant keywords to your post.

Use Alt Text for Images

An additional SEO best practice would be to add Alt text on all images included in your published content. This descriptive text helps search engines understand what your image is about, and help for ranking with pictures in the search engine results page. One thing that many website owners miss is optimizing their images for SEO.  In the Wix editor, you can simply add the alt text in the image settings, when adding your images onto your Wix website.

When writing your alt text, your business name should be included along with a keyword relating to the business and what the image is about. This is should not be any longer than a sentence. It is just helping Google associate an image with your content.

Connect Matching Social Media Accounts

Most consumers obtain information via social media. Not only does your company need to have a social media presence, it needs to be active. This includes publishing your content on all of your social media networks. You can set your website up to auto-publish some of its content to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, as examples, so that you don’t have to spend additional time making a content publishing schedule.

Make sure that you have set up your Wix website to display social media sharing buttons on all of your published content as it encourages users to share your content with their individual circles. Your social media account names should match your business name to prevent consumer confusion.

A Few Last Tips on Improving your Wix SEO Website

It is much easier to start your website with a company name that already includes an industry keyword. This already make you a relevant result in the search engines, regardless of your business’s name. Do a thorough Keyword research with the help of Google’s keyword planner in order to find the most relevant and searched terms to use in your site’s content. This will ultimately help increase your SEO organic search results. It is equally important to track your efforts and site performance on Google Analytics, so be sure to connect your Wix site with a Google Analytics account.

We’re not the only ones talking about Wix SEO, check out Specky Geeks Wix SEO Review to learn more. And, should you run into an issue with SEO and need a little advice, Wix support is available to help you use the available tools.