What an SEO Firm Means to You

SEO is one thing most entrepreneurs know nothing about. That’s partly because SEO is an evolving technology, and they have more immediate things to focus on. The trouble with that is that they fall farther behind without support of an SEO firm. So, just what does an SEO firm mean to you?

What you need:

An emerging company with limited experience in internet marketing cannot do everything that needs to be done. Google recommends, “If you’re thinking about hiring an SEO, the earlier the better.”


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Content Copy: Your website requires static and dynamic language.

  • Static copy is made up of landing pages, statements on mission, profiles of the management team, and other issues that are slow or not likely to change.

  • Dynamic copy refers to the blogs, testimonials, case studies, articles, and the like that pull browsers to the site.

Quality Links: The internet, global as it may be, is a social community, a market where people browse and share. They look for and follow through quality links to connected material. But, links need to be relevant and meaningful, or they confuse, bore, and discourage.

Analytics: Descriptive and predictive analysis of big and deep data explain where and whom your site has been attracting. With enough history, those same analytic tools can identify what you need to do to assure future success.

Of course, things are never that simple in the world of technology.Just too many variables work to complicate things. And, talking analytics and algorithms can be numbing for most folks.

What to look for:

Success or failure, that’s what an SEO firm means to you. But, finding the right one requires you to know what you are looking for:

Mashable suggests asking some key questions when shopping for your SEO firm:

  1. What do you consider quality content?

  2. How do you handle Google’s latest SEO initiative?

  3. What’s the fastest way to generate links?

  4. Do you sell link-building services or quick fixes?

  5. What are your references and client retention rate?

  6. Who will do the SEO on my site?

  7. Describe your white hat and black hat tactics.


Image source: pixabay

But, before you are comfortable with such questions and the tech-based responses, you can make shop with some things in mind:

  • Product: In an admittedly complex market, you need to see what they can do. Promises won’t do when you need clear and tangible samples of what they do. You need to know what success means to them in terms of deliverables.

  • Talk: You need communication that is reciprocal. The SEO needs your clear and specific orders, and you need frequent notifications, advice, and reports.

  • Collaboration: A cultivated and consistent relationship makes a big difference. It works best when you have an assigned adviser to partner with, someone who knows your evolving needs and shares your goals.

  • Time: Developing and managing SEO is a slow process. You can throw a site together, but getting it to rank and link takes time.

  • Warranty: There are no guarantees of absolute success in SEO. Any such promise is deceiving. But, you can certainly hold your SEO firm accountable for the services you contracted.

If for example, you are looking for a Boston SEO firm, shopping local makes good sense. Youth Noise is one firm that even offers customers their cell phone numbers for convenient feedback and problem solving.

If your business wants to build its online search traffic, if you are breaking into a new market, if you have some video or copy you know are not working, you need a team of experts able and willing to work with you on solutions. This is what an SEO firm means to you.