Web Development – Break the Monotony

Just as web development deals with different coding languages and scripts that work in the backend to give the final finished product (website), web design deals with the layout and more of the appearance of the website. Since a programmer or a web developer will not be able to make changes as far as scripting and coding and language is concerned, a web designer has the liberty to make a few changes here and there, which enhances the aesthetic appeal of a website. If you have hired a web development company to make your website and make it “live”, you can make certain specifications about the type of website you want.

Remember, an individual can be a good web developer and also a good web designer. Alternatively, you might also come across an individual that specializes only in web designing or web development. Usually the web development/designing firms will have both. So, regardless of whether you are hiring the services of an excellent and reliable web developer Sydney boasts of or a web designing firm just around the corner of the street, it makes sense in breaking the following monotonous approach to website building. Read on for more information. Check these out.

Get rid of complicated designs

A trend that started in 2014 seems to have spilled over in the current year too (2015). The trend of building websites with flat and minimalist approach designs are in vogue. Even the most prominent brand Apple has limited its website designed on a minimalist approach.

Avoid flashy designs

It goes without saying that earlier more stress was laid on websites that had flashy looks. But these websites failed miserably because it took a lot of time to load. Also, more and more website owners wanted a mobile version of their website but initially failed to realize that flashy designs work neither on desktop versions nor mobile versions as it took time to load. As such, web designers have done away with the idea of web pages that take more time to load. So, it is a welcome decision.

Heavy text

It is a well known fact that the attention span of online visitors is less and is usually not more than 10 seconds per page. For this reason, earlier the websites that were text rich had more bounce rates as they failed to retain the visitors owing to their heavy rich text pages. Over the years, web designers realized that text could be replaced with videos and images. And if at all you need to include a lot of content, make sure you make the same interactive.

One-page website

You will come across many websites that have several internal pages. It can be cumbersome at times going through each one of them. More and more web developers now prefer to have the so called “one-page” website developed by designers and developers. So, the age old pattern of adding more and more pages to a website has finally been done away with by developers and designers.