Top 3 Sites That You Can Use as an Alternative for 123Movies

Today, people are more into watching movies and TV series rather than doing other entertaining things. Whenever it’s their free time or they are bored, they always resort to watching videos. With that, you don’t have to spend money if you use the sites listed in the guide. But if you want more options, visit other 123movies alternatives and start exploring them. So here’s a list of best sites that you can use as an alternative for 123Movies.


For online streaming, Watchfree is a perfect 123Movies alternative. It is loaded with 16,000 various genres, such as horror, sci-fi, action, adventure, and more. Its interface is the same as 123Movies. Meaning the WatchFree’s files are resting in a white and green-colored theme, which is perfect to the eyes. But the navigation between the two are different, and all films are organized according to country and genre. If you choose to view the featured movies, tap its List to see all the contents in different line-ups.

WatchFree does not need you to sign-up; it permits the viewer to watch all of the films for free. It has three servers for every show to avoid any issues while you are video streaming. Although you might experience pop-ups and ads that will ruin your streaming, make use of the ad-blocker.


MoviesJoy will surely give you joy when watching all your favorite shows. It has over ten thousand contents with various genres to binge-watch. And the site is for free, so you can video stream even without registering. Its database is constantly updated to show you all the latest films and the best movies all over the world. With that, for sure, it will make you want always to use this website.

This platform is among the most potent sites since it bombasts four servers for each movie when users are video streaming. MoviesJoy also categorized all TV shows or movies by the IMDb rating, country, genre, etc. And if you wish to know the details of the show, you only need to tap its thumbnail.


The Putlocker, same as 123Movies, is also one of the major online video streaming sites that are constantly used to watch TV series, documentaries, movies, and whatnot. This platform features a wide collection of contents that are similar to 123Movies—therefore making PutLocker among the most frequently visited website with roughly 1.6 million visits each day.

Every content of films, you can access them in PutLocker, and there is nothing you can’t watch on this platform, whether its the oldest movie or the latest released movies from the cinemas. One more thing is that the feature of this site lets you use Night Mode to watch films and browse. Plus, you have access to its highlights, even without creating an account. PutLocker is entirely free, and the interface of this site uses a white and green theme.


Today, if you want to watch movies for free, there are many ways to do that, and one of them is using the sites listed in this article. They are great alternatives for 123Movies that everyone can access. Aside from the free access, the contents are also great that you don’t want to subscribe to any streaming services again.