Top 5 Content Marketing Tips for E-Commerce Websites

Traditional door to door sales have revolutionized from door to door sales to sales through e-commerce websites. However, if you are a new e-commerce website looking to drive sales and more visitors to your page, then you need effective content marketing and search engine optimization strategies. We have put together a list of strategies you can employ to drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is crucial for showing your website in search results. According to surveys, many marketers do not spend enough time on optimizing keywords, despite it being the most important factor for promoting e-commerce websites. If marketers do not choose and employ keywords customers look for then their website will not be found, hence leading to no traffic and no revenues. Few tips for keyword optimization, as suggested by top Chicago SEO experts are:

  • First of all find/search organic key words, or top search words by users. One of the ways of doing that is through google analytics.
  • After searching for keywords prioritize keywords.
  • After searching and prioritizing, please ensure that all the important content on your website is indexed and that the text is unique.
  • All the website links should be optimized with keywords.
  • Although it is considered important to employ top keywords for optimization, but an honest tip would be to not get too competitive, all the big companies out there have established their credibility and show up on top, so if you are a small company mix and match your optimisation, do not use all the top words used by big websites.

Original Content

Originality is the key. It is important to have unique content to create a connection between you and your customers. Sales and marketing techniques need to change with consumer needs as consumers are more information centric now, so original content with valuable information will help build a strong connection with your customers, and drive more traffic to your website.

Power Words

Content marketing strategy is nothing without a creative content writer. In order to create intrigue in customers, and build their interest employ power words in your content. However, content marketers need to be aware of not employing too many big or small words. The content should neither be too short or too lengthy.

Tutorials and Videos

Customers are more information centric now, they like awareness programs, they like information that is useful to them, telling them how beneficial your product is, might not generate their interest, but showing them the benefits of your products through tutorials and videos will definitely spike their interest. Upload regular video tutorials or blogs on your website, and watch them work their magic!

Know your Content/Use Photos/and be Creative

With the popularity of social media and marketing through Instagram and pinterest, photos are crucial for e-commerce websites. A nicely taken picture with a creative caption can inspire awe, and build target market’s interest. In addition to using photo heavy content, it is important for companies to know what they are talking about, information uploaded on websites should be factually correct, so that you can build credibility with customers, and once you have that credibility, it’s not long before they will start purchasing the products they think come from a trust worthy company.