The 1&1 Website Creator

1&1 website builder is a professional service that offers both personal and business users a chance to have a website without having to spend a lot of time and money. It has numerous design layouts that ready for use for more than 100 business sectors.

1 & 1 website builder

Advantages of using 1&1 website creator

Reduced cost

Before you think of hiring a website designer, you will need to ask yourself a few questions. How much will a website designer charge to create your website? How long will it take to get your website ready? How much will it cost you to maintain the website? Most of the times, hiring a professional website designer is always very costly. Using 1&1 website creator allows to save on expenses since the cost of creating and maintaining your website is significantly lower as compared to hiring a professional website designer.

You do not require technical expertise

If you have limited or no technical expertise, creating a website from scratch may be quite frustrating. However, with a website builder like 1&1, you are not required to know anything about any kind of coding that is used to create websites. It comes with tools like a text editor, HTML editor and WYSIWYG editor that make it easy for any new website creator to build their professional website within the shortest time possible.

Great features

Everyone prefers to have a unique website with great features and a unique design. Most of the websites offered by 1&1 website creator are characterized by distinctive layouts and features. They offer the website owner to add important things such as the guest books, maps, calendars, search boxes, forms among other things that a website may require to function effectively. In most cases, the website owner may get services such as search engine optimization which means that your website will be made popular, hosting in one package, analytic and email marketing.


This website builder supports Linux and Windows hosting meaning that, it can operate in any working environment.

Disadvantages of using the 1&1 website creator


In most cases, website owners prefer to customize their websites depending on their business needs. Though website building tools come with a lot of great features, they are in most cases limited in terms of design flexibility and layout. For example, the website layout may have a menu at its bottom and a banner at its top. If you prefer your menu at the right side, the 1&1 website creator may not offer the option to change it. It does not offer all the features and functionalities that most website owners would want on their business websites.

Learning curve

1&1 website builder will benefit you maximally if you learn how to maximum use of it. The more features you want to use in your website, the more you are expected to learn. For example, you may be required to understand the interface design, page design, information architecture, typography and color theory. If you are ignorant or if you just do not like learning new things, it may be quite difficult for you to benefit for such a website builder.

Pricey package

1&1 requires its users to choose an expensive plus package so that they can have a mobile optimized website or an online store while other website builder offer these services free of charge.

Sector specific content

Its sector specific content is good and bad at the same time. The content and templates may look professional but if you leave the content unchanged, you risk having similar content with many other websites. Therefore, in order to rank on the search engine, you have to change the content to something unique.


1&1 website creator is quite easy to navigate and it allows you to hit the ground with your website. It is quite comprehensive and cost effective and therefore, it is up to you to evaluate the above advantages and disadvantages before choosing to work with it.