Successful Traits You Should Look For When Choosing Your SEO Agency

There are many SEO agencies that talk the talk, but few actually know how to walk the walk. Any credible SEO agency should have methodologies in place that will allow clients to rank on the first page of Google for their desired keyword. The methodologies that are being used should adopt white-hat practices that provide no risk for receiving any website penalties.  Online marketing specialists Online Marketing Gurus have provided the following tips for selecting an SEO agency for your campaign.

Get references from existing or previous clients

Credible SEO agencies should have endorsements from other businesses that they have previously done work for. Check their website for any testimonials from current or previous clients. Also check their online reviews on review boards like Trustpilot. You can go a step further and ask the agency to provide written references from a few of their clients.

Check case studies of their campaigns

Any credible SEO agency should have case studies of their successful campaigns that clearly illustrates the methodologies, practices and tactics that they used to get first page results on Google. Their case studies should detail the following.

  • How long it took the website to achieve page 1 rankings on Google.
  • The type of on-page and link building tactics were used.
  • Details of when each tactic was implemented.
  • Details of the creative process behind each tactic.

They are transparent with their clients

The SEO industry is known for ‘secrets’. This has lead to reduced transparency within the industry. Many businesses that hire SEO agencies that aren’t transparent grow frustrated with their campaign. Typically, they know they are paying for a service, but have no idea if the service is being fulfilled by the agency. Ask the agency if they can provide you with greater transparency that will give your mind peace when your campaign is being executed. These include:

Regular reporting

Will the agency provide the client with a regular report that details their campaign performance and SEO deliverables?

Understanding their methodologies and practices

  • Is the SEO agency prepared to share details about their technical, content and link optimisation practices?
  • Do they engage in white-hat activities or do they engage in black-hat SEO activities?


Poor performing SEO agencies tend to frustrate their clients by not communicating well with them.  Poor performing SEO agencies do this when client’s rankings aren’t performing well. They tend not to respond to emails, avoid taking the client’s phone calls and even meeting the client.

The success of your campaign will depend on your account manager

The agency may have a good reputation for delivering results. Ultimately, the success of the agency will only be matched by the efforts of the manager of your campaign. Before signing with an agency, learn as much as you can about the manager on your account.

  • Do they have a reputation for getting clients onto the first page of Google?
  • Do the other clients that they manage endorse their skills?
  • Are they recommended by others on platforms like LinkedIn?

They have a robust content creation and link building process

Valuable content allows webmasters to earn links naturally. Links that are acquired by websites will improve their authority and will gain a competitive edge to rank higher. Find out how their content creation and link acquisition processes work, how scalable they are to see how soon your campaign can gain traction.

Don’t fall for any promises or guarantees

SEO is a process. The results are subject to Google’s algorithm. There are no SEO agencies that have a special relationship with Google or who can promise you first page rankings. The agency should have an internal process in place that gives their clients the best opportunity to rank on the first page of Google through their optimisation practices.

You want to partner with an SEO agency that can deliver on their promise. Before signing any contracts, research the agency thoroughly and check that they have the resources and skills to fulfil your campaigns expectations.