Style Guides Can Help in Keeping The Site Consistent

While going through different graphic designing tactics, the first question to pop up in your mind is a style guide. As per the latest researches, it has been found out that style guides can save some of your vital development time. Moreover, it can even help in making the front end communication a smoother option altogether. It can keep the design as well as code of the site consistent till the end. In layman’s term, style guide is mostly a part of the living code document, which deals with different types of code modules and elements of the application.

Meaning of style guide

Apart from consolidating the front styling code, a style guide can even document the related visual language, of the same platform. Some of those are color patterns and header styles. These are some of the vital elements used to build a site properly. This can even act as a one stop solution for the whole team of website designers and developers, like producers, product owners and more. Different companies have their style guides places online, for the world to know their working procedure. You might have to g through those layouts and promos, before jumping for a final graphic designing layout.

Reasons to use style guides

As the team grows along with certain changes, style guide can pave new methods, at every step possible. For the primary instances, creating a style guide for the first time, make take some up front time. However, it has been proven that style guides can build certain faster time, when it comes to pages and new sections. Other than that, a style guide will help you to standardize the CSS faculty, making it very small and easier to load. Guide can act as an inventory method of codes and modules, helping both designers and developers for the long run. In case the design deviates from the outer standards, the guide can help them.

Other options on the cards

In case you feel the importance of expanding the present codebase, it is better to consult the style guide beforehand. It is practically impossible if you do not have a guide for your help. Other than the positive features, associated with the style guide, it is a must to mention that design consistency becomes an easier option to maintain, with the help of style guides. Here, the designers have the liberty to look at any place dealing with the site’s components. It will ensure the designers with a cohesive feel and look.

Good option for large teams

The use of style guides seems to be a better option in case you are a part of a large designing team. All the enterprise level firms make it a point to create their style guides, before starting any designing project. The code base can easily be kept at a smaller count if you have design consistency to work on your behalf. The style guide can help in better flow of communication. You can build the pages of a larger project and can pass them to the designers. They can easily take hold of the languages and guide the others for certain changes.

Making the best style guide

In order to create the best style guide for your use, you need to follow certain steps. For the primary step, you have to assemble the basics of the site. You can try and add some additional patterns if you want. Make sure to add some interactive bits to the site, such as modals, dropdowns and any other form of tooltips. Always plan to make the maintenance an easy option for the working staff and finally, iterate the style guide.