Social Media Marketing on YouTube: The Definitive Guide to Optimizing Your Video Content

Video marketing is here to stay – it’s no longer ‘nice to have’ part of your online marketing strategy. It should be one of the core aspects of your marketing efforts.

The trends are positive; with the latest data indicating that over 43 percent of internet users prefer video contents; 51 percent of marketing professionals worldwide say video contents is the type of content with the best ROI.

The reality is there’s a massive demand for video contents with video distribution platforms like YouTube poised to play a crucial role in the emergence of video as the leading marketing content for businesses.

Today YouTube users account for over one-third of the global internet users that’s over 1 billion users; YouTube reaches more people in the US than any TV network – that’s a massive reach for your message if you’re well-positioned.

Hence, it’s safe to say then that social media marketing on YouTube drives awareness to your content and brand. The question then becomes, how do you take advantage of this platform to reach a wider audience?

That’s what we set out to answer with this article in a concise quick to consume way.

First, what type of video should you post?

I’m assuming here you’ve already created your channel; however, if you haven’t, here’s a detailed post from HubSpot that will walk you through on how to open one.

Now you’re set and ready to start filming, but you’re stuck on deciding what kind of video of produce. Here’s a quick rundown of some appropriate video contents you can produce for your brand:

  • Business intro video: Take advantage of the YouTube trailer feature to introduce new viewers to your brand. Tell your story and let them get a sense of what you’re about and what to expect from your channel.
  • Tutorials: help your viewers acquire the skills to solve their problems through posting tutorials.
  • Behind the scene videos: this one of my favorites, pull back the curtain and let your viewers catch of glimpse of what’s it is like working in your company, how a typical day runs in your organization and all those stuff.
  • Product demos: show them how to use your products.

Optimizing your video

Now you’ve created and published your videos; how do you let people find them easily?

  • Your title: To optimize your title for search, use your key phrases first before branding and ensure they’re 50 characters long or less to avoid them truncating in search results. It’s important to keep in that your title should clearly describe what the content is all about.
  • Take advantage of the tags: Use your most important keywords first in your tag. As much as you can utilize all the 120 characters available to you.
  • Add a call to action on your description: The first 3 sentences in your description is a prime real-estate, they’re displayed on search results – so make them as compelling as you can, and while at it add a link to your site here to encourage clicks to your website.
  • Add captions to your video: It improves the video accessibility while also offering additional opportunity to include your keywords.
  • Use transcription: Adding a transcript of your video, provides more indexable content for Google and YouTube.
  • Use high-quality, compelling images for your thumbnails: the difference between having massive hits for your videos and a meager view could be down to how appealing your thumbnails are.

Calling it a wrap

YouTube marketing is a proven and effective way to build massive brand awareness and following your business when done right, and if you want to fast track your results you can buy Youtube views as the more views you gain the more you will rise in popularity.