Shopify Partner Apps that will Blow your Mind

Are you a Shopify partner who juggles projects and works on multiple stores? Well, here’s a surprise for you!

We all have gone through the days when we installed hundreds of apps for numerous clients and none of them proved to be valuable. Moreover, everybody knows that test-driving an app before even having a paying plan is extremely invaluable.

Well, life can go hard sometimes but to save the day, Shopify partner apps are here. If you relate to any of the things mentioned above, you should consider reading this till the end since you will find a lot of value in this post.

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What exactly are Shopify partners apps?

These apps allow a Shopify developer like you to test the apps made by you without facing any expenses for them. Moreover, with these apps you will never have to pay anything unless you shift your store to a regular paid Shopify plan.

In easy words, you can try out as many apps as you want without the worry of getting them confused between each other. Here we are presenting you a list of the best and the top applications for Shopify partner users and freelancers. Make sure that you have an eye at this list before you manage your next client.

The most prominent Shopify partner’s apps

  • Liquidblox – the Visual Website Builder

This amazing website builder lets you build amazing pages by just using the drag and drop user interface. You can create a unique website and easily add product lists or single products to be sold from your website. LiquidBlox also works with a Shopify LITE plan.


It is not possible to manage an e-commerce platform where you don’t have loyal customers that like to get back to your store and make another purchase as well. You can now create your own referrals and reward-based program with Your revenues can become skyrocket when you make reward programs such as VIP programs for your e-commerce store with

  • Photo reviews by Loox

You cannot always be right but with reviews, you need to take the help of Loox. After all, your main goal is to make an amazing store that stands out from the slew of stores so that you become capable of achieving more success in terms of sales. The review generation by the Loox will surely make your customers to click a picture of your website and then write a review for you. It is compatible with all the themes and it is also best for choosing the design of your product listings in your Shopify stores.

  • Automation of email and marketing by Omnisend

There is a reason for omnisend being the most prominent marketing and email automation service by over 30, 000 and even more store owners. The reason is that omnisend kick off’s the other competitors in this service by its amazing and astonishing features. The most prominent of all being the feature of editing the content using drag and drop feature and a bunch of ideas on how to turn temporary visitors to permanent visitors.

  • AI recommendation’s best using Personalizer

Provide your clients with the best services of increasing the conversion rates on their website and make a boost in sales with the help of this product recommendation tool. This is proven to be highly effective for the stores. Limestore had some researchers conducted on it that provide that it increases the sales by 67% and they even provide a guarantee of this fact otherwise they claim to return your money.

  • Infinite options

The business meets to get more private with this business tool by Shoppad. This app provides your customers to create an infinite amount of product personalization. Moreover, the customization feature is equipped with a click-based programmable interface that lets your customers create enriching customizations.


So those were the most amazing apps for the Shopify partner program users. Make sure that you use them to make your clients happier and more satisfying than usual. That’s all we have for today.