Most Important Elements of a Well Designed Web Page

It can be extremely challenging to stand out on the internet. Many companies employ experts in the field of online marketing to ensure that their company website is not being lost amongst the almost one billion websites that are out there.

Relevancy is a competitive game, and people work around to clock to be kept in the running. Even though online marketing is very important in the quest for company success, a well designed webpage also plays a huge factor in online success.

Here are the most important elements of well designed webpage. If you take extra care to employ these rules of the trade, you’ll be one step closer to differentiating yourself from the hoards of sites out there that are just like you.

Simplicity Reigns

There is nothing worse than entering a website that is loaded to the brim with a flashy, cluttered, smorgasboard of words that is impossible to navigate, and gives you an instant headache. There are a lot of these out there and they aren’t the websites that keep the viewers coming back.

If a user comes into your site and can’t find what they’re looking for within 5 seconds, it’s already too late. They will back out of your site and find some place else to give their money to. It sounds harsh, but it’s just the way it works.

A website should feature large, easy to see and understand font and topography. Web topography is basically the map of your site that helps people find where they’re going.

Function or Design?

Speaking of web topography, it’s important to clarify whether your site is going to serve function, or design. In order to find this out, think about the kind of site that you are. If you’re a site that is appealing towards the artistic side of society, you might want to get a little more creative on the design side.

If you’re a site that is offering more of a service like education, medical help, or anything that is analytical or locally based, you’ll want to focus on function. This means clear drop down menus and pages with bullet points that clearly point out what you do, or the services you offer.

Emote Inspiration

A well designed web page, especially a modern one, needs to inspire something. The way this is done is through something called a “responsive hero image”. When a visitor comes to your site, they see an intriguing image instead of a standard website.

Sometimes a couple words are placed strategically within the image, but not always. The image needs to speak of what your site is about. When a viewer sees a well thought out responsive hero image, they will be more apt to continue scrolling, even if they don’t know that you’ve roped them in on purpose.

By implementing these tips listed above, you’ll be much closer to making your mark on the internet world. It takes a little research and planning, but once you have a website that you’re proud of, you will have no qualms about taking the next step into the world of online marketing.