Learn How to Use Excel as an SEO Tool

Excel is used in many different ways every day in offices around the world. While it is mainly used to keep track of financial data for businesses, it can also be used to input other types of data as well. For SEO experts, there are many SEO tools that can be replaced with Excel to make analysing and organising website metrics information easier.

Using Excel in SEO

If you are analysing websites to check the success of a digital marketing campaign, there are several tools that you can find online to help you analyse a website’s metrics. However, you can save your company some money by using a tool you probably already have on your computer, Excel.

Since Excel works with both alphabetical and numerical data, one way to use it for SEO purposes is to export data to it. Most keyword research tools and website analytics tools have an ‘Export to CSV’ command. CSV files can be opened by Excel, so data conservations are easy to do.

Your data can be organised so you can do various types of analysis, such as keyword research. You can create lists of keywords, and sort them alphabetically or by how many times they are used in datasets. You can also combine excel files for more organized data. If you know how to work with Excel, you can easily set up the programme to allow you to easily find data, visualise it using charts, and create spreadsheets to help you keep it organised or to prepare reports.

Learning Excel for SEO

If you are not familiar with how Excel works, or if you need further instructions about using its more complicated functions, you can take classes on how to utilise Excel for SEO. The classes will show you how to organise alphabetical and numerical data, so you can analyse how well your SEO strategies are working to driving traffic to websites.

The courses will teach you how to use functions in Excel to sort data numerically or alphabetically, search for duplicate data, or count items to find out how many times they appear in the data you’re analysing. For instance, you can count how many visitors your websites are drawing and organise the data numerically.

Learning to Create Formulas

If you know anything about Excel, then you know it needs formulas to help organise data. By taking courses about using Excel for SEO purposes, you will learn which formulas to use to help sort, arrange, and transfer data for the reports you are creating when you analyse metrics.

With Excel, you can keep track of the data to create presentations for your customers, such as how well your campaigns are doing for their websites, by organising the data by URLs. You can also create visual aids with Excel, such as charts or tables that will help your customers understand the information more than looking at spreadsheets will.

If you, or your staff, are not sure how to use Excel and its functions to help convert or sort data, there are classes specifically designed for SEO analysis.