Leading Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The crypto market proposes many different platforms for secure operations with cryptocurrencies and receiving profit.

Leading cryptocurrency exchanges belong to a centralized type and they are known worldwide:

You can find them on the Coinmarketcap website. A crypto exchange ranking is introduced by trade volume. The more clients an exchange has every day, the higher the trade volume. Major crypto exchanges on the list are suitable for novice traders. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.


This is a leader in the list of crypto exchanges. On average, its trade volume reaches $13,7 billion. Users can replenish their accounts directly with fiat.

The exchange charges a fee of 0,1%. Although the commission is not fixed, it may vary depending on the volume. Binance is a well-known platform that allows trading with all existing crypto coins globally.


This crypto exchange is close to Binance by trade volume. As of May 2022, it reaches $2,3 billion. The platform allows purchasing crypto with fiat and using other wallets. Users can deposit their accounts with bank cards or through bank transfer. When using a bank card, consider the fixed fee of 4%.

In the past, Coinbase lived through hacker attacks. Since then, it has been focused on the security and protection of users’ investments. It is a really reliable platform.

However, the exchange charges higher fees. The commission is not fixed and can vary every time, depending on the volume and other factors. 


This is a young crypto exchange that has become popular worldwide. It offers many earning tools such as staking, p2p, spot, etc. White BIT utilizes a firewall web application to find and block hacker attacks. It stores 96% of assets offline to provide maximum safety.  WhiteBIT is really aimed at providing security for clients’ investments. It has even founded an insurance fund replenished from clients’ transaction fees.

The exchange is aimed at blockchain technology introduction and expanding the crypto community. Even though the WhiteBIT trade volume is $1,1 million, still, it is a reputable company alongside such giants as Binance and Coinbase in the list of leading cryptocurrency exchanges.