Keeping Your Company’s Social Media Presence Secure in 2019

Establishing a social media presence has become a mandatory aspect of leading a business these days. After all, social media is now an inevitable part of our lives. Millions of users and potential customers spend hours each day scrolling through their social media feeds and interacting with people and businesses. It is safe to say that the quality of the social media presence can make or break a business nowadays. Actively engaging with people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social networks allows businesses to reach millions of potential customers and expand their sales and profits.

However, despite all the benefits of social media, running these accounts can leave a business exposed to numerous security threats. These include data breaches, risks of losing information, as well as risks of unauthorized access. Luckily, optimizing the security settings and using VPN servers can help keep your accounts safe. Before we dive into tips on how you can keep your business secure on social media, here are a few tricks to increase your social media growth and establish a profitable online presence.

Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence

Social media networks open the door to millions of opportunities for companies that want to expand their reach and make an impact. However, establishing a social media presence has become far more challenging than it used to be because of all the competition. If you want your business to stand out on social media, you need to actively engage with your followers and interact with your target audience on a daily basis. Here are few tips to help boost your business’ social media:

  • Post content regularly – Give potential customers something to talk about on a regular basis. Calculate the right times to post content based on previous engagement and use CTAs that will start conversations in the community.
  • Keep it visual – The foundation of a company’s social media presence is the content they publish on social media accounts. Make sure to post high-quality visuals and engaging content that is either entertaining or helpful in some way.
  • Focus on customer service – Providing customer support services via social media platforms will make your company trustworthy and reliable in the eyes of the consumer. It can also add a boost to your social media following.
  • Promote your business across different platforms – Cross-promote your social media accounts on different platforms, as well as through ads and email marketing.

How to Keep Your Business’ Social Media Accounts Safe

The more your business grows on social media, the more risks it will face regarding cybersecurity threats. Social media accounts can leave your company’s data at risk, whereas poor account security can lead to unauthorized access and data theft. To avoid the consequences of a security breach, you need to develop a social media security plan that will be integrated into every aspect of your business.

For starters, create a social media policy document that will help to keep your entire team on track when it comes to maintaining online security. The document should define the best security practices, including rules and regulations regarding the use of social media platforms. It is crucial to educate your employees and keep the entire team on the same page. Inform your employees of all potential legal risks and security threats that come along with a strong social media presence.

Once you have your team organized and working together, make sure to review the security settings of each social network your business is using. Social platforms offer their own security tools that can come in handy when fighting off various threats. Therefore, optimize your account’s settings, including privacy, visibility, and sharing options to ensure maximum security. Set up access and publishing privileges to all admins and create a two-step authentication system to strengthen the login security.

Whatever you do, don’t rely on the default privacy settings. These are often not enough to keep experienced hackers out of bounds. Furthermore, be careful which third-party tools you’re giving access to your accounts. Many of these tools are often used as a ticket to the back-end of your social media accounts. Thus, make sure to delete any tools you’re not using.

Use a VPN

It is strongly recommended to encourage all your employees to use a reliable VPN for Android or desktop device whenever logging into your company’s social media accounts. A VPN will hide their credentials and encrypt all data along the way to prevent hackers from gaining access illegally. Another great way to stay safe is by adding a VPN extension to Chrome. This will help to avoid possible password leaks when logging into sensitive accounts. 

Secure Your Business Today

If you haven’t yet taken any social media account security measures, make sure to start right away. Keep in mind that all these security tips won’t have any effect if you don’t organize and educate your team properly. Therefore, start by holding a cybersecurity meeting at the company and get the entire team on the same page in terms of protecting your company’s social media accounts.