It’s Never too Late for a Career in Web Design

There’s a common misconception among people that web designers have to be young. This is in part fueled by the fact that the younger generation is more familiar with internet technology and new trends, but is also subconsciously linked to the idea that older generations are no longer able to creatively express themselves. Well, we’re here to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Artistic Pursuits May Delay or Prevent Dementia

According to a four-year study published by researchers at Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic, pursuing an artistic hobby or endeavor during your middle and elderly years may play a direct role in delaying or preventing the development of dementia. The study, which followed 256 different people throughout their 80s, specifically analyzed drawing, painting, and sculpting as artistic pursuits, but the list could easily contain things like web design, graphic design, and other forms of art technology.

“Over the study’s four years, some participants naturally developed cognitive problems as they aged,” Park West Gallery explains. “However, those involved with artistic pursuits were 73 percent less likely to develop cognitive issues than those who were not involved with art.” Dr. Rosebud Roberts, the chief researcher behind the study, believes art plays a role in creatively stimulating brain cells – possibly even paving new neural pathways along the way.

3 Artists That Show It’s Never Too Late

This isolated study isn’t the only proof that different art forms can be enjoyed by people of all ages, though. If you want more proof that you can be a successful late-blooming artist, here are some figures you’ll find yourself looking to for motivation:

  • Morgan Freeman. We all know Morgan Freeman for his compelling roles in movies like The Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Knight, Bruce Almighty, and Unforgiven, but what few realize is that he was actually on off-Broadway actor for the majority of his life. It wasn’t until the age of 52 that he played in his first Hollywood Role (Glory).  Think about how much he’s done since then.
  • Millard Kaufman. Did you know that Millard Kaufman didn’t begin writing his first book – Bowl of Cherries – until age 86? In fact, it wasn’t finished and published until he was 90 years old. That’s a pretty late start, but it didn’t seem to hold him back any.
  • George W. Bush. While nobody would have blamed him for sitting back and relaxing on his ranch after concluding eight years in the Oval Office, Former President George W. Bush decided to take up painting in his mid-60s.

You Can Still Pursue Your Web Design Dreams

So, what does all this tell you? It should tell you that it’s never too late to become a web designer. If that’s a dream of yours, then start pursuing it. It doesn’t matter if your 30, 50, 80, or 100. If you’re physically and mentally able to try, then nothing should hold you back. Here are a few simple tips to get you started:

  • Find a mentor. At your age, finding a mentor may look like syncing up with someone much younger than you. However, age isn’t the important factor. It’s important to surround yourself with skilled professionals who are willing to help you improve.
  • Get the right technology. Successful web designers must have updated technology. As software changes, so does the industry. If you’re working with tools that are five years old, you’re probably not reaching your full potential.
  • Start gaining experience. At some point you have to dive in headfirst. Start gaining experience any way you can. Be willing to work for free (or low rates) in exchange for building a portfolio.

Remember: It’s never too late for a career in web design. It’s actually fairly common for artists to find their legs later in life, so don’t worry about your age and start creating!