Is BlueHost Ideal for WordPress Hosting

If you have plans to start a website with WordPress and need to know whether BlueHost would work for you then read on. Starting a new site isn’t always easy and hosting is one of those elements that you need to know properly before deciding which one you’ll choose.

BlueHost offers the simple installation of WordPress using their shared plans and they also have unique plans that have been created for WordPress websites but which plan is right for you and which plan offers the best value for money.

There are many companies that offer wordpress hosting but a popular alternative to create your own website is a website builder. WordPress is a lot more functionality but online website builders give you more flexibility and are often cheaper than hosting packages themselves!

BlueHost Overview

BlueHost are without a doubt one of the most popular hosting providers and their servers deal with more than 2 million websites whilst their history goes back 20 years. Their reputation is excellent and this is because their superb service comes with excellent customer support.

They offer a number of different plans such as multiple shared plans, managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated plans as well as cloud hosting.

BlueHost and WordPress- Getting Started

WordPress can be easily installed with BlueHost, all it takes is a couple clicks. Simply locate the WordPress logo which can be found in the hosting control panel, this will then forward you on to the Mojo Marketplace which will automatically install WordPress to the BlueHost account. Select the software to install, choose the domain that you want the system set up to, give it a title along with an admin login for the website and then confirm the installation.

The process is extremely easy, especially if you choose BlueHost as a provider.

Which Hosting Plan Should You Choose?

If you are setting up WordPress for the very first time then you should opt to use a shared plan. With BlueHost you can use the plus plan because this gives you the ability to host as many sites as you wish, whereas, the starter plan only allows you one website. The business pro plan should be avoided because the extra cost cannot be justified.

If you need extra features then the managed WordPress hosting plan is worth a look and this leads to a further four plans. A managed WordPress plan will ensure that experts take care of your website, so if you are a beginner then a shared plan is perfect but if you want a managed hosting service that is reliable then the WordPress plans will offer the best performance and customer support.

BlueHost is dedicated to WordPress have been recommending BlueHost for 10 years so this should help to ease any fears that you may have when it comes to choosing BlueHost. To add to this, BlueHost has more than 1 million sites hosted on their service.

The WordPress sites that use BlueHost

When WordPress sites that are hosted with BlueHost are picked at random the speed tests are very positive. In the US, the connection is extremely fast, whilst in Europe and Australia there is an average loading time of 2 seconds. These results are good because a website should aim to load in under 3 seconds in order to provide a good service to the user.

How Good is BlueHost for WordPress?

They have a wide range of plans that enables user to find a package that suits them but is also easy to upgrade, especially if website traffic increased and more server resources are required. BlueHost is ideal for WordPress websites because they understand how it all runs but they also back and support it which says it all.

Therefore, if you want your WordPress site to run efficiently and reliably then choosing to use BlueHost will mean that you won’t go far wrong.