How to Organize Your Photos

Now a day’s people tend to take lots of photos from their cameras and Cell phones. There may be tons and tons of photos on your hard drive. The photos can make good memories only when preserved and stored safely. You need to organize your photos properly to store them and retrieve them easily. You can delete bad quality photos and redundant ones.


Here are some of the tips for you to organize your photos effectively.

  • Download an image organizer: There are so many software’s to manage photos like Picasa and others. You can also edit your pics like cropping, giving effects and others. You can also password protect your photos and avoid copying them by someone.
  • Whenever you do a picture transfer from camera to PC create a folder on that date to manage them later one day and also the searching would be very easy. Do not copy the photos in your C drive or the drive where you install your OS. If your OS corrupts it will be difficult to retrieve them.
  • Avoid creating too many subfolders to store your pictures and also find the duplicate pictures and delete them which will save more space.
  • You can download image compressor if you don’t worry about the quality and want to save space. If your quality is a concern backup into an external drive or a DVD.
  • Regularly backup your pics on a device which can be stored without too much usage. You can also backup on a cloud and download them when needed. Try to upload regular pics of yours as a backup.
  • Organize your pictures into albums so that any event pics can be grouped together as  an album.

You can also upload your pictures, graphics ,icons and other files so that it can also be downloaded by other users who wants to use them. There are many sites where you can download good images, icons and other concept images for your use. Sites like Graphic Stock is one of the leading place to download high definition, high quality icons, textures, backgrounds and concept images. There are over 100,000 images with more uploaded daily. There is a 7 day free trial of 20 images per day. you can try it if you want and become productive.