How To Merge PDF Files: A Guide

You might have experienced encountering a bunch of PDF files that came from the same book, but they are divided into different PDF files. If you wish to put those files altogether, you might need a PDF tool that can help you merge all of them into one document.

While thousands of PDF tools and software can be downloaded online, not all software is built. It is rare to find a PDF tool that has all the features and tools in one.

Luckily, PDFbear is there to save and solve all your PDF file dilemmas. PDFbear is one of the best PDF tools that you can access online.

It does not require any massive installations, and it can be used for free. Whether you want to merge PDF files into one file document, convert it in another file format, view, edit, or extract- PDFbear has all the tools and features for all your PDF needs.

How to merge PDF files into one file?

To merge PDF using PDFBear, all you need to do is follow four steps: upload, join, wait, and download. It is truly the easiest and simplest PDF tool that you can use whenever you want and wherever you are.

Merging PDF files has never been this easy and convenient before with PDFbear. First, you need to upload a PDF file on the server to start merging your PDF files.

You can choose a PDF file from your computer or upload it from your cloud storage when you’ve selected the data for merging, drag and drop the data to the website. It will automatically scan the document for combining.

Next, once the file is already on the site, you can choose your options on the menu settings on the server. When you feel like the file is ready for merging, click on “Merge”, and the PDF combiner will immediately process your data and combine it.

One of the reasons why PDFbear is convenient to use anytime is because it can modify and merge your files way quicker than other PDF tools and software online.

No matter how many PDF files you want to combine in one document, it will only take seconds to process. This feature is perfect for anyone who needs to merge PDF files while they are on the go.

When the PDF file is already merged into one file, it is now ready for download. You can choose to download the file back in your computer or cloud storage.

PDFbear supports various cloud storage, including Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox. You can also immediately send the newly merged PDF file via email, and PDFbear supports that function.

PDFbear Merging Features

When it comes to your PDF merging problems, PDFbear has the newest and high-end technology that can merge all your PDF files into one file. It is also the quickest and most straightforward way to merge PDF files. You only need to follow four steps, and you will successfully merge your PDF files in no time.

Secure System

Aside from its easy to use interface, PDFbear also respects your privacy when it comes to files. All your uploaded files on the server will stay confidential and private, as well as the newly merged documents.

PDFbear has the best and most precise Privacy Policy that you can come across, among other PDF tools online. The files will only remain in the server for an hour for you to access.

As mentioned in the earlier parts of this article, PDFbear can be used anytime and anywhere, and you don’t have to pay a subscription fee for you to use it.

It is an online-based merger that can combine all your PDF files in an instant. All you need to do is access it on your web browser, follow the merge process, and download your newly merged file!


PDFbear is the best and most convenient PDF tool that you can use today. It does not only offer one-sided merging of PDF files, but you can also use the site to edit your PDF files, compress it and reduce its size, and many more.