How to Get More Views on Your Instagram Videos

Instagram marketing is one of the hottest marketing options in today’s techno-savvy world. Apart from attractive pictures, people are looking forward to posting creative videos so that they can always remain trending.

Instagram video is a vital part of social media marketing. In fact, the video gets always more engagement as compared to text and even picture posts. Here are some workable tips to buy instagram views on videos.

7 Tips to get more views on Instagram videos:

1. Create unique videos

Content is and always will remain the king when it comes to online marketing. When you create unique attractive content, people will give the video a single or in fact multiple views in a day. Try to create something new, useful and attractive so that you can get instant attention from viewers.

Additionally, make sure you are providing the best version of the video on Instagram. Research the trending topics in your niche and create similar video content. Additionally, keep the video crisp, to the point and avoid too much talking as it can be a big turn off and reduce the overall video view.

2. Introduce events, contents, and discounts offered

Be a giver, people love to participate in various online contests because winning is always fun. Try to post a variety of content on your Instagram feed, it can be events, contests, and even discount offers.

Try to share unique discount offers and codes which people can avail and enjoy. This will not only increase the video views on Instagram but also will have a positive effect on the organic follower count.

3. Use the right hashtags

Instagram is all about hashtags; make sure to use the relevant hashtags to get more number of views on your video. Look for popular hashtags and add into your video, this will ensure your video is trending on your followers feed. You can also learn Digital Marketing in Malaysia to grow your online presence on Instagram.

Make sure you also include the tending hashtags on your bio to increase the number of videos. Moreover, always searches for trending and mostly used hashtags, use them in your captions and attract visitors. Add the caption at the end of “#”, make sure there is no space between 2 words.

 Every post allows you to add up to 30 hashtags on the caption. A post with the right hashtag is expected to receive great reach and engagement. Hence, never underestimate the power of using appropriate hashtags on the post.

4. Based on the analytics use the best time to post on Instagram

Posting the video at the right time is crucial to get great number of video views. The ideal time to post a video on Instagram is between 10:30 am to 4:30 pm. this is the time frame when more people check their feeds, it could be their snacks break, lunch break or even they can scroll through the feed during the idle time.

Additionally, based on your audience, analyse the analytics. Notice the number of views coming from the target audience, likewise post the video on a particular time frame. Posting the video on peak time can also increase the video view. Research the time when your target audience is more active on Instagram

5. Post in Story

People give more attention to the Instagram stories, make sure you create enough buzz on your stories so that people is curious to watch your Instagram video. Be active on the story part, share the Instagram video on various closed groups on Instagram.

This will eventually give more views on your Instagram video and overall reach also will be high. To generate curiosity and more videos, also post the behind the scenes video, this will eventually redirect the audience to the original video.

6. Follow the perfect dimension for video

Video size affects the number of views on videos a lot; hence it is essential to determine the best video size for your Instagram post. There are a total of 3 types of video dimensions i.e Landscape, square and vertical. The vertical and square video dimension is usually the preferred choice to get more engagement.

When it comes to vertical video, keep the aspect ratio as 9:16 and for square video keep the aspect as 1.1. A post with the right hashtag is expected to receive great reach and engagement. Hence, never underestimate the power of using appropriate hashtags on the post.

7. Avoid using an Instagram bot to get more video views

It is not only illegal to use the Instagram bots it will do more harm to your profile then good. Organic video views add more value to your video and increases your reach. It will also encourage others to watch your video and share it with their folks if it is helpful. You call always boost the Instagram video, this will increase the reach and number of videos.

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