How to Engage Your End User

If you have a brand to sell, or an organisation to promote, you need to be able to interest people and keep them engaged. You can use your online presence to do this; you just have to make sure that you optimise its effectiveness to your best possible advantage. It’s all very well just producing a website which contains details of your product but these days that may not be enough to place you above others in people’s attention.

We are going to take a look at some of the ways in which you can engage people with your brand and make it stand out in their mind and memory. The more people become engaged the more they are likely to talk about you and the more the profile of your brand will be raised.

Optimising your website for mobile

One of the most important things you can do, if you want to maximise the audience for your web content, is make sure it’s optimised for mobile. Long gone are the days when people used their phones simply to call and text. Today, people spend, on average, upwards of two hours each day using their smartphones to access the Internet. If your site is not mobile friendly you stand the chance of missing out on a substantial number of potential interactions.

Not only that, but since April 2015, Google has included mobile compatibility in the calculation of its rankings. You simply cannot afford to neglect the mobile aspect of your web presence. If you do not currently have a mobile friendly website then you can either start again using a responsive layout or you can create a separate mobile version of your website.

Using newsletters to interact

Visit most websites today and you will see the option to sign up for newsletters. This is an excellent way to interact with people and provide them with valuable information and up to date news about your brand.

It’s important to use your data and analytics to focus newsletters and personalise them as much as possible. For instance, if you have a new subscriber to your brand you may want to provide them with more information so they can make best use of your product. On the other hand, if someone has been using your brand for a while you will have ongoing data that should enable you to target any promotions and information you provide.

You can segment your email lists to help you to send newsletters to the appropriate group of people. You should never underestimate the power of a newsletter if it’s used in the right way.

Using online publications for your content

One of the best ways of providing additional content for your website viewers is to include it in online publications. This is a lot better than cluttering your website. One of the easiest ways of creating great looking publications is to convert a pdf file into a flipbook. Flipbooks look glossy and enticing; they are more likely to engage the reader. You can also include video and audio content in your flipbooks, to create a more interactive experience.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can engage people with your brand and help to improve your reputation and visibility.