Hero Images and What They Really Do For Your Website

In the chaos that is the internet today, it’s difficult as a website to stand out and draw traffic so that you actually sell product and turn a profit. There are so many things to check off the list when building your website. You know that you have to have various components included, such as the cart, the product pages, and an about us section, among a lot of other things, but until you actually start building a page, you really don’t realize the extent of all that goes into it.

While it’s all up to you to decide how you want your website to appear to the general public, there are some traditional aspects of web building that you should consider incorporating into your design. One of those aspects is the hero image. Let’s discuss what it is and how it will help you and your website.

They’re Visually Appealing

If you know anything about people, you know that they are drawn to nice looking things. It’s evident in every aspect of life. Good looks draw people to each others. Pretty houses cause people to buy them. Visually intriguing websites cause people to stay in them.

In a world that is inundated with choice, why would anyone choose something that was anything other than visually appealing? This is the argument for your website and the hero image. If you don’t know what a hero image is, it’s an image present upon first entering a website that intrigues the viewer and it is often accompanied by a succinct phrase that is a call to action.

Little Giant Ladder Systems has a great example of this on their page. The image presented explains what they’re about, and the phrase they have accompanying it appeals to your sympathetic nature, and calls you to action by giving you a button to click to learn more about their product or cause.

They Simplify Things

You’ve probably been one who has browsed a lot of websites. Doesn’t it get a little overwhelming when every link that you click takes you to a different page with something new to take in? Maybe you’re on who likes to constantly be inundated with new information, but on your own website, to further drive home your point, using a hero image of some sort on every page on your site will simplify things for yourself and for the viewer.

You’ll actually draw more attention to the product that you’re trying to sell this way. When you give your viewer too much visual stimulation such as too much text to read, too many links, or too many pictures, they’re more likely to back out of your site and find another retailer to buy through than try and maneuver your complex and overdone site.

Hero images do a lot for your site. If you’re looking for more great examples of what they look like, they’re easy to find. In any case, a hero image is the one fundamental building block of the modern age you’ll want to use in your website design.