Gogopdf: A Novel PDF Management Tool That You Should Use To Improve Productivity

Adobe created PDF or portable format documents in the 90s, and since then, they have been integrated into almost all aspects of modern society. Companies, businesses, academic institutions, and even home-based freelancers make use of PDFs regularly. Its creation has seen several improvements to productivity, work efficacy, and even academic progression.

PDF management, however, is no easy task as it is highly underestimated as a file type that can be organized with standard office applications. That’s a common misconception that people often have when they first encounter PDFs in their lives; most of that introductory phase comes from time in school.

Today, human innovation has brought forth many rare gems in productivity, one of which is Gogopdf. 

Overview of this website

Gogopdf is a PDF web tool designed to give users many options to manage PDFs efficiently while demanding fewer resources to do so. The company released its online software in 2020 and couldn’t have given it to the public at a better time. In 2020, an influx of remote workers and home-based jobs became available to the community because of global issues.

Gogopdf is a company that strives to become better alternatives to having files taken care of by other professionals, which would otherwise require a standard amount of payment. Businesses often outsource their paperwork or file management to third-party assistants but with the invention of Gogopdf, doing that is no longer necessary. 

A few years back, handling digital files was a nightmare for employees as even the most basic of processes such as PDF to PDFA required a particular application to manage. We are lucky to have something reliable such as this to aid us in our daily work tasks.

Smaller businesses opting to have their PDFs managed personally by employees will save a lot of money and have the necessary resources to invest back into the business. Gogopdf is also completely free of charge, and it may come as a surprise to most, but their webtool packs all the features that you would need to fully become independent of the need for outsourced PDF job orders.

Society is undoubtedly moving towards a future where efficiency is valued more than anything as things pick up in pace for every aspect of daily life each year. There is no definite solution to the workforce’s growing needs, but with efficient software tools such as Gogopdf, professionals, and amateurs alike can get instances of respite amidst their busy work schedules.

Features of Gogopdf

Diving more into the software features, we can see a slight edge over the competitors with the availability of different variations for PDF managers, readers, and editors. Gogopdf claims that its software is entirely free and has no hidden paywalls. It is quite a bold statement to make but is respectfully validated after a thorough inspection of their online facilities.

The first set of panels available to users are the most commonly used procedures, which are PDF compression, PDF conversion, and PDF repair. These are regularly used processes that most people will be more than satisfied to have for a browser-source application. However, there are many more features Gogopdf offers that can make the quality of life improvements to productivity.

The second and third tools include the ability to manipulate PDFs, and their functions include; Merging PDF, Splitting PDF, and a PDF reader that can do everything you would want to do with your PDF document. The PDF reader can edit, rotate, delete, share, and number PDFs, making it a versatile feature to have regardless of the need ever to use it.

Support for conversion types is also quite extensive and the types supported are; PDF to Word, JPG, Excel, PPT, PNG, and PDF/A. Converting from PDF is also a way to revert to whatever your original file was, and the types supported are Word, JPG, Excel, PPT, and HTML. Gogopdf is a bonafide all-in-one conversion suite that is more than enough for the average consumer.

Securing Files And File Privacy

Gogopdf prides its tool on being a complete browser application that sacrifices nothing for performance, quality of service, and ease of access. Therefore, having the extra feature to secure files is a bonus. Securing PDFs come in four different ways; Unlocking PDF, Adding watermarks, eSigning PDF, and protection or encryption of PDFs.

File privacy is also considered to be one of the leading concerns of why businesses and companies opt for offline methods of PDF management. Still, with Gogopdf having the latest SSL technology securing user documents’ integrity, cyber attacks don’t pose any real threats. Keeping your files secure is a top priority for the company.

Files uploaded to Gogopdf are encrypted and kept in the database, but the software has no way of viewing or tampering with unfinished or finished projects. It is just held by default as a way of preparing users for a PRO account where originals can be permanently deleted or recovered. A feature that is considered a luxury even for more expensive and paid software programs.

Customer Support

Gogopdf doesn’t ignore its customers’ queries and concerns; that is why a dedicated customer representative is standing by 24/7 to support users. This is one reason why a PRO account is more of a charity than an upgrade from the free version as Gogopdf provides service of this quality free of charge for all account types.

Frequently asked questions are also posted on their website with a convenient button at the landing page’s end. Questions related to the subscription, credibility, and technology used are answered consistently daily, which is why Gogopdf decided to add a FAQ button to their interface.


You can’t find an online software tool with the same quality and performance as Gogopdf because it merely is one of the best in the business. A company that strives to make other people’s lives better without scrounging their money is rare and should be celebrated. If you’re in search of a remarkable and modern PDF management tool, then Gogopdf is the one for you.