The Bloggers Toolbox: A Few Blogging Tools to Help You Run You Blog More Efficiently and Successfully

Going beyond content

When it comes to blogging, most people focus on creating great content; and by great content I mean, the subject matter and the words that will go into describing it. Now this is very critical because people are visiting your blog to see what you have written, but there is a way that content development, writing and spreading the content can become easier for you. How?

Blogging tools

Blogging tools essentially function to enhance every aspect of running a blog: from developing the content to assembling the blog posts and finally disseminating them to the general public. Actually, they are arranged in these categories so we are going to examine a few of them in this way and you can see what will work for you, alright? Below is the list of different blogging tools to help you run a successful blog.

Tools for ideas

Having some writers’ block? A few tools can help with that:

With this, you can find your most popular posts, along with what other prominent bloggers are writing about. You can also filter these searches to make them more efficient so that you can narrow down on subject matter for your blog post in a quicker and more efficient way.

This is an organizing tool. You can simply drop in all your ideas; from notes, to photos and web pages and whatever else you need for your blog post. Evernote helps you to arrange all these ideas into categories based on the tag you place on them so you can retrieve them quickly when compiling the content.

Tools for content

You need to have optimized content to ensure that you rank high in the search engines. This requires using certain keywords, which you can determine using tools such as:

  • Keyword Planner

This tool by Google helps users find out which keywords have frequent use and the ones are quite popular. That way, you can fashion your blog posts around these keywords for greater visibility of your blog.


This is the alternative to the keyword planner. What this does is to give you 750 more suggestions for every keyword you enter so that your work is not too obvious.

Tools for distribution

The point of writing a blog is so that people can read it. Therefore, you need to make sure that as many people as possible can see your blog posts. How?

  • Click to tweet

This allows for quick sharing of snippets from your blog post on Twitter. Your readers can do this and attach a link for their followers to view your post in full.

  • MailChimp

This is the email distribution tool. It is free and enables you to send emails to your contacts so everyone gets to see your blog posts.

All the best!