Up To-dateness of Website Usability and SEO

You might have read or seen topics on user’s experience/usability and search engine optimization. Today we decided to focus on the interdependence of those two promotional instruments. Website usability and SEO as web design services are closely related and out to the same goals which are an increase of target traffic and user activity. You can visit our website to learn about web design services we provide.

Search engines take into account loads of factors like menu usability, simple navigation, the relevance between website’s content and user request, etc. to provide the best search results These factors influence your website ranking in Google’s search.

In spite of constant development and advancement of search engines, they still can’t analyze texts and visual content like we can do. What can show us content quality? Behavioral factor. By monitoring user activity, search engines determine the value of the website. If users stay on your website for longer time and explore it deeply along with correct internal optimization that will bring your site a higher rank in search results. With good usability user will likely return to your website and its conversion will be increased, that is why it is totally unacceptable to neglect functions of web usability in SEO and website promotion.

Well-crafted responsive web design and user interface are able to boost your website’s credibility, a number of reposts and bookmarking. The actions like that serve as signals for Google’s search engines and will assist to achieve the desired rank on search result page.

How to change website usability for the better?

Even with plenty of information about website usability improvement that you can find on the internet, it is no easy task. But still, if to analyze it closely, it is possible to reveal several common tendencies.

Certainly, we should consider web design services as one of the ways to improve the user experience. Today, minimalistic style rules web design world. Many contemporary companies.employ it to bring out important information and reduce user’s distraction. Hereby, people viewing such websites can easily find needed information and, in addition, most of them can come across information you want them to see. For example, if you are a business owner of a marketing company or have eCommerce website in Philadelphia, minimalistic web design is the best way to represent your business. Lack of unrequired information simplifies navigation because essential information stands and your customers can easily find what they are looking for. Web design has its impact on users in such a way that they feel whether the website is modern or outdated.

In addition, web development methods change at high speed and you have to have a keen eye and also constantly analyze what is going on in the IT world  Simply put, you should monitor your competitors’ and big companies’ activity in the field Big companies spend tons of money on research and analytics.that work every day to constantly test and employ new tactics that improve site usability and visitor satisfaction. Keeping an eye on their moves will help you get the knowledge to stand out from your competitors. In most cases, it can positively influence search engine optimization.

Another topic for discussion is user experience. You need to understand what users might feel when they are visiting your website for the first time. The way they perceive website affects the image of the company, the website owner. The website should be balanced and well-structured so it wouldn’t look simplistic or vice versa. Its visual elements and content should be well thought out. No one wants to get lost on a website with confused sitemap sinking in tons of useless information.

The case is that your financial wellness depends directly on your clients’ opinion on your website reflecting your company image. Be sure that clients have an option to give feedback on your services and can communicate with a company. You can create a forum where to people can discuss everything concerning your company and services or products it offers. You should take all feedbacks seriously and apply changes according to them. This strategy will help effectively boost the rank of your site, improve search engine optimization and bring user experience to a new higher level. The most search engines have quality raters that stand as an army of assessors. They are set to specific parameters to scan the top websites. As a result, they make up a checklist that includes the features that sites have in common and bring them on top of search requests. Study these lists. You should constantly work on being featured on them. If you are in a leading position means in any sphere that your competitors left behind will have to look up to you.

Signs that showcase your website usability is good

  • Thought out interface
  • Topnotch appearance
  • Logical structure
  • Ranked content arrangement
  • Engaging content placement

There are plenty of sources you can learn from about website usability. You can find thousands of books written on this topic, You also can use specific analytical tools for your website user experience analysis. If you look for a web studio in Philadelphia for your web design and SEO project to conduct a user experience analysis of your website free, Direct Line Company might become your best choice. Start working with us leaving a comment or give us a call.

How users estimate sites

First, you judge how nice and that is what UX/UI designers should take into consideration. If it takes a couple of minutes to form our opinion of a person we are talking to, as to websites, it takes seconds to judge and label it for users. You may have read in previous articles about

Bounce Rate and it is what user experience actually deal with. Poor user experience is a key to increase visitors’ chances of bouncing off the website. It has its disastrous impact on SEO – the higher Bounce Rate, the lower your website in search engine result listings appears. The task of a good user experience to make visitors stay for at least 3-4 seconds on the page and that will show that the website is a halfway decent and has a good level of trust.

We listed up several aspects that influence user opinion of a website and their perception of its confidence level:

  • The theme, subject, and goals of the site should be understandable.
  • Design should be of a good quality and relevant to the site.
  • Business’s address and contact information should be visible.
  • Information about sales, discounts, goods offered at bargain prices, unique delivery times etc. should be bright and understandable.

The key element is to design the site and arrange content on it in a way that user would understand the purpose of the site at an almost first view. It will help gain the trust of users and up your overall conversion rate.

Of course, it raises the question, how to speed up this attitude making process. The recipe is simple – a headline on your website main page that is easy to understand.

How users evaluate and surf your website

Let’s review a conservative approach the most users follow when they are on a website for the first time. They first understand how it works and what this company and website are all about and then they are fully set to click anything they want. This situation can be represented by a simple scheme: (pic)

This showcases steps users follow:

  • 1-2 The subject and content studying
  • 2-3 The company’s product or service studying
  • 3-4 The company’s reliability studying
  • Gathering the information by the “Subject-Product Offer-Trust” formula

For information, 1-2 and 3-4 are the most important steps in this scheme.

The basic course on Bounce Rate understanding – what it is and what it is for

When using such tool as Google Analytics, you can notice Bounce Rate section. Google says: “A bounce is a single-page session on your site. In Analytics, a bounce is calculated specifically as a session that triggers only a single request to the Analytics server, such as when a user opens a single page on your site and then exits without triggering any other requests to the Analytics server during that session.”

If you own a single-page website, a high Bounce Rate is not a bad sign. Pages like “Contact Us” also don’t require user longtime presence. In other cases, our goal makes user spend a while (the longer, the better) reading information, watching pictures and videos, leaving comments, etc. Low Bounce Rate showcases that your website is in demand that’s why Google algorithms promote it to the top of its search engine listings. Search engines love such sites and you need to take it into account to lower your Bounce Rate. In fact, you should analyze your good traffic and the bad one and where they are coming from. The good traffic is people that browse your site and stay on it. The bad traffic is those who bounce it.

If you know a website that is functional and which in your opinion can help you with searching for information, you simply type in its URL and head straight to it. Here you become a direct user that is the most valuable traffic. Now, recall the last time you browsed any social media site and clicked a link. We believe that In most cases you closed it in a few seconds and came back to your social media surfing. That means that mainly, the traffic from social webs is bad. It requires careful analysis when choosing which adjustment to make to your site. As an example, you can see below statics from Google Analytics that showcase user activity on our website directlinedev.com.

The Bottom Line

A website is your business tool and search engine optimization, good usability and quality user experience might involve big outlay. But you should consider it as an investment in your company future. So we suggest you not save your money on such web design services. The reason is clear as a day. SEO tactics combined with the other techniques that you already have on your site will improve your overall positions in Google and enhance your online presence, The same with a good user experience. The more comfortable people feel when browsing your website, the more likelihood there is they come back. The things that are reliable and comfortable are more engaging for us because it is our nature.

There is plenty of web design services to build your website like using templates such as WIX and WordPress which is not that perfect solution you are looking for. These types of sites are not provided with quality user experience without overpaying thousands of dollars. What we advise you is to spend your money on professional web design service provided by experts so you will not regret your spent money. Experienced companies like Direct Line Development have solutions for any task and problem that can appear on the way. Our clients from Philadelphia and other cities have already been satisfied with the end results and their feedbacks serve the prove. If you like this article, leave us a comment. And if you consider our web development company as reliable one and worth working with, order web design services from us and we will analyze user experience levels of your website for free!