Why is Customization in SEO Software Still Thriving?

When someone says, “website design”, any nonprofessional would assume it is all about aesthetics and layouts. While, in reality, it is mostly about codes and optimization. A website stands on a framework and core codes. Additional codes make sure that your website remains search engine friendly. Most of the times, companies will try to pitch SEO like a “secret sauce” to your curry. This is one of the principal reasons we see so many unsatisfied website owners today.

When you were designing your website, you must have wanted the design to be unique. The same way, your SEO codes should be unique for your site. There is no prototype or a proprietary solution that gives websites superpowers. You may feel grounded, but that is the reality. No magic spell can get your page up in the #1 position in the SERP.

What is the custom SEO software?

We believe in the targeted optimization of websites. This is why we claim our software to be unique. In reality, Ignitur.com custom designs the software a site needs to make it SEO friendly. Your website will get exactly what it needs from our software service.

Writing good content is still the prime requirement for search engine optimization. However, good does not only mean grammatically correct. It should also include the right keywords in the right places. Since there is no optimal keyword density, you will need someone to analyze your content in real-time. Using certain words brings more targeted traffic to your website.

In most of the cases we see, sites use SEO tools that come with the website platform. For example, developers working with WordPress use Yoast or a similar tool. That is usually enough, provided you know what you want. If you are new at this, creating a top quality article with the right distribution of keywords and perfect readability is next to impossible.

How is a customer SEO software different from retailed software?

This is why we offer a 360-software solution for all SEO needs. A few of the features we include in our SEO software include:

  1. White label SEO report complete with data of last 30 days
  2. A written optimization report of your website
  3. Comprehensive keyword analysis and HTML analysis
  4. Open Directory submissions for link building purposes
  5. Dedicated link building programs for increasing website content link

We cover detailed analysis of the site performance. It is important to understand how a site is performing after the optimization process. We take the initiative to study website behavior and audience response during the process. It may take up to 3 months or more to see any changes in rank after the page submission and link building campaigns.

At Ignitur.com, all clients get their customized dashboard where you can check the performance of the features that are unique to your website. You can select specific features only.

You can use the task management software that has been specially designed by web marketers only. It collects all actionable online data about your company website. This includes a team collaboration effort tailored to fit your requirements.

A good website design draws more audience to a website. However, you can only see a marked difference in the conversion rates if you make sure your UI is well-designed. Hiring a professional definitely, makes more sense since most website developers have a good understanding of SEO these days. They are mostly able to include the search engine familiar elements in a website design. You can fine-tune the rest of it with the help of a competitive SEO software like this one.

Why do I need a website design professional?

Having a software designed just for your site needs has some advantages.

  1. You will have greater flexibility – each website has its strong suite. While some have excellent content, others may have original marketing plans. When you get your SEO software, you can balance out the website needs based on what you already have and the resources you can employ next.
  2. They are affordable – although they are personalized, these software programs are highly affordable. Most of the times, you can approach the SEO designers with a finite budget and tell them exactly what you need. Experienced SEOs can help you find a plan that works for your website as well as your finances.
  3. They are fast – these software programs derive inspiration from some programs that are already running successfully. We already know what kind of software most of the websites need. Therefore, we can whip up a “formula” for you, that is effective just for you, and that is fast too. We will not promise that you will see results in ranking in a day; however, we can assure you that your ranks will improve within the next three months.
  4. You get finite deadlines – this is paramount for the ROI of any project. Having an SEO software at your disposal makes your website run with measurable goals. You can set deadlines for your projects that deliver quantifiable results. You can plan and act on other important things, while this software does its task and attracts search engine bots to your website.
  5. Customer support – this is what most company owners and entrepreneurs crave today. Once you sign up for a personalized SEO service, you get great customer support. You will find the answers to all your questions right here. Since the company is already acquainted with your projects, it will solve your problems more accurately.

These are a few reasons you should be hiring a professional website designer cum SEO Company for your company website. Even if you have a running internet site, you can get all the search engine optimization help you need. A professional SEO will help your company maintain its online reputation, expand to new domains and increase the conversion rate. Your website will soon come within the first seven ranks on Google SERPs. Ignitur.com will also optimize your site for other search engines including Bing and Yahoo.

So what are you waiting for? Get the best custom SEO support for your site and get ready for stardom.