Can You Hide Your IP to Surf the Net Anonymously?

What kind of challenges do you face while browsing online?

There are a lot of things you should be aware of or caring of when connecting to the global network. But is it possible to have control over everything online? The answer is obvious. It doesn’t matter how experienced or inexperienced you are about a cyber security issue, cyber crime isn’t about computers. It’s about your behaviour as an Internet user. In 2018 it is only up to you how good or how bad is the level of protection that your professional and personal data has. This includes everything – data encryption, access to geoblocked platforms, anonymity, and, of course, hiding your IP address. Today, it depends on your Internet awareness, whether you Protect your privacy – Hide your IP and surf anonymously or not. How? Through a VPN.

Developers and manufacturers made it possible not only for big corporations and fast-growing businesses to protect their financial data and securely share it online, but also for the average Internet users. Now, you have the same access to professional VPN services, which hide your information from hackers, as those corporations, for which VPNs were initially created.

So, let’s have a closer look at a VPN as an essential part of a whole cyber security system.

Cyber Security, Anonymity and Encryption

So, what can you get as a simple user by having a VPN service installed? And what does it cost?

Let’s make it clear about the price you’re ready to pay for having your data absolutely protected. A VPN is not a single service with no options to choose from. It is a whole system of different companies, which consist of professional developers who are constantly working on improving a security issue online. Those companies differ in everything – owners, regions, number of servers, number of services provided, countries, as well as prices. It is a huge market full of competitive prices and offers, which make a VPN field fair enough for the customers.

If you’re interested, visit this site to get a full list of the most rated VPN companies for now. But let us answer the very first question. What will you get along with the VPN?

  • First of all, it is encryption. And encryption is almost a synonym for data protection. Information encrypted becomes absolutely invisible for the hackers;
  • Secondly, it is anonymity. If you don’t want any third party and suspicious websites to track your IP address, you need a VPN to hide it;
  • And the third main reason to get a VPN is a free access to previously geoblocked content. Listen to music, watch videos, look through online stores, which are restricted in your region, without any limitations.

An interesting fact about a VPN is that it is an easy way to cyber security, affordable for everyone. So, why wouldn’t you use it if it is possible? What cyber security teaches us is not to rely on the computers, but to rely on ourselves.