5 Best Practices for Hiring a Professional Media Buying Agency

If done right, a media campaign can help your company grow from the level of a local player to even a nationally recognized brand. Besides, hiring a professional media buying agency can be the most effective way to reach your target audience. However, you might wonder how to choose a media buying agency that suits your needs best.

For starters, the agency must have all the necessary technological means, knowledge, and access to the long-tail inventory. Another essential thing to consider is creativity. Moreover, the agency’s reputation should rely on high ethics and proper fund handling. It is also recommended to take a thorough look at the agency’s professional client portfolio.

Only after addressing all of these things can you rest assured your choice will be beneficial. If it seems like a bit too much to handle in such a short span, let us guide you through the best practices for hiring a professional media agency.

Be Sure of Its Expertise

If you want to hire an agency, it means that you need its expertise. A professional agency will be able to offer you only a limited number of services, so make sure that its offer suits all your needs. For instance, if you need to create more effective advertising campaigns, you can search for an agency that offers media buying services. On the other hand, if you are looking for an agency to help you promote your product or service abroad, make sure that it has experience working with international clients.

Additionally, the agency should tell you about each method it uses and what kind of results it can produce. It should also mention the cost of each procedure and how it will measure success. Thanks to this information, you can check whether the people from the company are experts in what they do or not.

Check Its Reputation

Make sure that the company you choose has a good reputation and people speak highly of it. Its reputation rests on its ethics and how it treats its clients, so make sure that the attitude of the company’s representative towards you is polite and respectful. The agency should also show you proof of its media buying ethics. If the agency cannot offer you a previous work sample, it is best to avoid them.

The sample should be similar to your project in terms of format, length, target group, and budget. If you see that the agency’s previous work is not exactly what you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask for changes.

Do Not Forget About Your Budget

You should not spend more than you can afford when hiring a professional media buying agency. Compare several agencies’ offers to find out who provides the best service at the most affordable rates. If you want to save money, you can negotiate with the agency to get what you want for less cash. However, do not expect everyone to fulfill your request.

If you think that there might be some hidden costs, ask the agency about them right away. This way, you will avoid any unpleasant surprises. A professional media buying agency will never hide the fact that it charges extra for some things. Instead, it should give you an accurate estimate of how much money your campaign will cost and how long it will take to achieve the desired results.

Find Out if It Has Access to the Inventory That Fits Your Needs

Make sure that the agency has access to the inventory that suits your project. Checking the agency’s partnership with publishers, advertisers, and other agencies is essential. Be aware that some agencies may be working with publishers that you do not like or trust. If this is the case, you might be best off searching for some other company.

Also, ask the agency about its knowledge of your industry. If its employees know little to nothing about it, they are probably not specialized enough for your project. Another good way to learn about the agency’s knowledge is to check its previous work for clients in your niche.

Look For Testimonials

Before hiring a professional media buying agency, make sure that they have received positive feedback from their clients in the past. The opinions should concur with your own needs. For example, suppose your company plans to open a new place in another part of your country. In that case, you should choose an agency that has already worked with other firms in that area and restrain from hiring an agency that works with local companies only.

The agency representative should show you what kind of campaigns they have already run. If they use technology to track the results of their campaigns, the technology must be up-to-date and reliable. You need to know how the company plans to target your audience and what channels it will use for your campaign. The advertising channels may differ depending on the type of your company (B2B or B2C) and the industry.


Before you spend your money on an agency, make sure that it will be worth it. Remember to look for testimonials and check the agency’s reputation before hiring them. Also, you should avoid dealing with companies that lack the necessary inventory and are not familiar with the current trends in the industry.

Putting all these pieces together will help you find an excellent media buying agency that will bring you success. These tips are based on years of experience handling both large and small projects, so try to follow them closely if you want to have a successful campaign. Good luck!