All About A2 Managed WordPress Hosting and Its Plan

Everyone wants a 100% functioning website, but not everybody has the time to manage all the aspect of a website. Managing a website is not only signing in to post updates. It also involves other background tasks such as optimizing security, optimizing speed. Backing up files, updating components, and other similar tasks. Aside from the fact that these tasks are time-consuming, some of them a bit technical, and they will need the expertise knowledge to get them done.

As computer programing improves, there have been innovations that help to manage a website efficiently; one of such innovations is CMS (Content Management System). Content Management systems help to alleviate the stress of managing a website. It also eradicates the need for technical knowledge to some extent. Because everything that needs to be done with pure programming codes has been designed into modules that anyone can download and integrate.

WordPress, the best Content Management System

Off all the Content Management Systems, WordPress is the greatest. WordPress has so many qualities that other CMS can’t match. As of today, WordPress powers about 75 million websites around the world, if not for its excellent features, it wouldn’t have been embraced so much. Some of the features of WordPress are:

  • Easy user management
  • Extended security features
  • Simple contents management
  • Fluidity of design and flexibility
  • Numerous social media features
  • SEO benefits

However, with all these excellent features, WordPress cannot perform at its maximum capability when not provided with adequate resources. Managed WordPress Hosting offers sufficient resources for any WordPress website.

A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting

A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plan is the perfect hosting plan to host your WordPress website. Not only does it have enough resources that will keep your site going 24/7, but it also comes with everything you need to manage all technical aspect on the website. That is why the plan is termed ‘Managed’.

A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting is suitable for everyone. Whether a rookie web designer or professional web developer. There are tools to enhance productivity, automate tasks, optimize security, and so on. Below are more features of A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting that makes it outstanding:

  • Plesk backend; you can always set tasks in motions and manage your WordPress with ease. Plesk is an automated backend that lets you schedule almost every task that could be done manually.
  • Extensive storage space; with a minimum space of 10GB, you have more than enough to store all your files and media uploads. And more space means more speed.
  • Free Jetpack license; Jetpack is one of the essential plugins to enhance website speed. Ordinarily, everyone has to purchase the license for using it. But it comes free with A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting.
  • Unlimited free themes; once you are buying A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting, you will have access to unlimited free WordPress themes worth $50+ each.
  • Unlimited free plugins; WordPress is open source, but most of its modules are premium. With A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plan, you will have access to unlimited plugins to manage your WordPress websites.
  • Automatic backup; backing up your website is a task that must be performed periodically to avoid loss of data. With this hosting plan, you can set the interval for automatic recurring backups.
  • Automatic updates; you don’t have to worry about updating the WordPress version and its modules. With A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting, they will be automatically updated.

A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting is the best resources you can give to your website, and thus, you can manage it comfortably. The 3 plans under A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting are affordable and suitable for various uses.

  • 1-site; comes with 10GB storage space, unlimited bandwidth, free security certificates, and so on. The plan costs $11.19 per month, and it can be used to host only one WordPress site.
  • 3-sites; comes with every feature of the 1-site plan, except for the 25GB storage space. It can be used to host 3 WordPress websites, and it costs $18.99 per month.
  • Unlimited; with this plan, you have more than enough to host any WordPress website. It comes with 40GB storage space, and it can be used to host an unlimited number of WordPress website.

A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting offers to manage your WordPress website for you while you focus on generating quality contents for SEO. Visit the to get started.