8 Worthy Business Opportunities to Pounce on in 2016

Businesses that thrive are the ones that know how to create opportunity. You can make your own luck by preparing the successful marketing model of your business to leverage the opportunities that exist within your marketplace. Digital marketing agencies in Melbourne have recognized the following opportunities emerging in 2016.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook gives marketers and businesses access to one of the largest marketplaces on the planet. Gaining brand exposure for your business is a fraction of the cost compared to traditional marketing media such as television, radio and print advertising. You also get the flexibility to test, tweak and amend campaigns to improve your conversions.

Facebook marketing allows businesses to:

  • Build their database of prospective clients.
  • Retarget/remarket content to people in your audience.
  • Promote your video content.
  • Promote your web content.
  • Promote your web application.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second biggest search engine and provides an incredible opportunity for businesses to get discovered, as well as to educate their prospective customers. Increase your web video or channel’s exposure by promoting your video content at the top of the video search results or in the recommended results or as a part of the video pre-roll. YouTube marketing is an effective way to drive highly qualified and engaged leads to your business.

Instagram Marketing

There are incredible opportunities to grow your brand presence through Instagram after they rolled out their advertising globally. While it is still early days to see how effective the advertising is in regards to lead conversions, the advertising price is quite cheap. Think of Instagram as a medium to enhance your content marketing with the opportunity to generate a call to action. The advertising platform is managed through Facebook’s campaign and you can isolate the campaign specifically for Instagram. There are already Instagram entrepreneurs who are effectively promoting their ecommerce or retail platforms. You can see some interesting ways bloggers and entrepreneurs are monetising their Instagram accounts.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing can be an extremely effective way of generating highly qualified leads for your business. Content contributions through web interviews, guest blog posting, whitepaper development, Slideshare creations and long-form blog posts. Highly valuable content will allow your business to gain more exposure on search engines as well as exposure through web referrals on social media, web forums and other websites.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

As one of the most lucrative lead generation mediums on the web, it is essential that businesses invest their time and effort to ensure that their website ranks for relevant keywords that will generate qualified traffic. Optimising the website’s content will be a key focus, since Google announced that they implemented Panda into the core of their ranking algorithm. Additionally, the right technical markup and link building structure will help increase the organic search visibility of the business website.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

There isn’t any point in sending more traffic to your business’s conversion mechanism if it isn’t converting. It is critical that your business optimises the conversion elements on the web. This includes web ads, web landing pages, web loading times and marketing web copy. Small changes to your campaign can lead to larger profits in the future.

Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Google Adwords is still a highly effective form of web advertising that draws in qualified leads and that generates sales. Bid prices continue to increase each year as the competition intensifies; however it is still an effective lead generation tactic to leverage in your business model.

Display Advertising

There are several display advertising networks that your business can use to improve the brand exposure and generate inbound leads. Developing the right type of ad creative that converts is critical to your campaign’s success. There is a lot of inventory to get your ad displayed, however you will need to optimise your campaign to appear to the right audience to maximise your chances of converting.

These are just 8 of the opportunities that exist for businesses in 2016. Those that implement these tactics into their web marketing portfolio can expect to improve their brand awareness, leads, sales revenue and profits, while becoming a thriving business of their own.