5 Useful Ways to Utilize Digital Customer Journeys

To a budding entrepreneur, the idea of having one or even several online businesses sounds appealing and profitable idea. And it may be, if of course you manage to A. reach the customer, B. Offer them an excellent product or service and C. make them feel safe enough to follow through with a purchase.

Just because the services or products that you are offering through a convenient digital medium, it doesn’t mean the customers are any more “convenient” in their demands when it comes to customer service.  In fact, online consumers need to be more weary of making purchases of services or products online since often there will be no “brick and mortar” shop for them to complain to if they are unhappy with their purchase.

Online we have the convenience of utilizing digital customer journeys, which is actually a great, non-invasive method of finding complete insight into the needs, likes and dislikes of your online customers. Below I will outline just 5 of those ways, in which you can benefit from this amazing software.

Using the right tools: 5 ways to utilize digital customer journeys

  1. Help your IT team quickly diagnose online errors

Your IT team will greatly benefit from digital customer journeys software because of the simple fact that they will have access to view immediate and full session replays of any customer. This means that if a bug is reported, your IT team doesn’t need to take time and effort to try to reproduce the error themselves; they can simply access the file and replay it.

Solving issues faster means saving times and money, as well as keeping your customers happy.

  1. Testing, testing… 1..2..3…

Due to the fact that these sessions can be replayed exactly how the customer experienced them, your IT department will make full use of this feature when having to test new features

  1. Understanding customer behaviour through digital journey mapping

Receive a full and complete visual map of your customers’ most common digital journeys – offering you precise analytics at any time that you need them. With customer behaviour analytics your team will better understand why certain features or items are underperforming and see first-hand all of the pitfalls and struggles that your visitors may encounter.

  1. Help your call centre staff cut time and minimize stress

Your call centre staff may only consist of 1 person or an entire room, what matters is how you use their time and how the customer feels about the overall experience. No one likes to be complain, but if they do, there is probably a good reason, especially if the customer is willing to sacrifice 20-30 minutes with your call centre. Having digital customer journeys software means that your team will be able to view exactly what your customer had experienced, saving the frustration and time of explaining themselves for long periods of time. This will give your team a boost and the customer will feel satisfied with their experience.

  1. Improving customer relations

The online market is a competitive place, where many companies offer the same or similar services or products at varied costs. To keep your customer engaged, you need to fully utilize your websites features and know which to discard. Having a clear insight into what customers want, will help build trust and maintain a positive relationship.

These are just a few points that you should consider when selecting the right software. There is so much more that can be offered to your team.

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