5 Drag & Drop Website Building Tools for Beginners

Why pay a company to design and code your website, when you can do this entire job all by yourself? Years ago it was unthinkable for inexperienced computer users to create websites from scratch, but nowadays this is possible thanks to the unique online services known as website builders. These services offer you a unique platform that you can use to create, modify and host a fully functional website that has all the features you’ll ever need from a web page.

Of course, there are many different website builders, so choosing the right one for your needs might be a little bit tricky. In this post we’ll cover five of the top website builders at the moment and we’ll tell you a few words about their positive sides. We’ll also introduce some of the most important features they offer, and hopefully we’ll help you determine which of these five website builders deserves your attention the most.

IM Creator

We can’t start a list of the best website builders without mentioning IM Creator. This great platform has been around for just a couple of years, but it is already being used to host millions of websites for individuals and companies worldwide, so this should be more than enough to convince you in its great capabilities and features.

IM Creator is consistently being developed and its developers regularly introduce additional features to the ones already present. Using IM Creator as your website builder has many advantages such as perfect eCommerce integration; rich library of professionally-crafted website templates; reputable customer support, great free hosting as well as a broad range of paid subscription plans; ability to use your own domain name; flexible and easy-to-use website editor. It has been rated as number one website builder on many review sites like sitebuilderawards.com plus in a lot of articles talking about the best website building tools like CreativeBloq, ThemeSurface etc..


1&1 is a website builder that offers a broad range of features and extras but it undoubtedly best known for its unique eCommerce platform. If you are looking forward to setting up an online store, then 1&1 is certainly one of the website builders you should take a closer look at it. Its eCommerce solutions come with pre-made product description templates, amazing business website themes, and a broad range of plug-ins and extensions that will add additional functionality to your online store.

Of course, the 1&1 website builder is great for other purposes as well, and we are confident that few of you will be disappointed with its great features. You also have a 30-day trial to try all of its extras, so don’t hesitate to sign-up and give it a try! The paid subscriptions may seem a bit pricy, but don’t forget that you’ll get your own domain name, as well as reliable and secure hosting space.

GoDaddy Builder

GoDaddy is the company that has literally dominated the web hosting services marked. They are the most popular choice when it comes to purchasing domain names and web hosting services worldwide, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the third entry on our list is the GoDaddy website builder, a tool that can compete with some of the best in this field.

The website builder itself is pretty regular, and there aren’t many things that are actually worth mentioning. You get to choose from hundreds of pre-made templates, and you can also count on GoDaddy to automatically install and set-up a broad range of CMS (Content Management Systems) for you. You can also rely on the company’s professional support center to help you with any aspect of setting-up, launching, maintaining or modifying your website. You also get access to handy features such as the unlimited backup and restore, that gives you peace of mind by making sure that all of your website data is safe & sound at all times.


Although website builders have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, they’ve been around for more than a decade. One of the best examples for this is Webs, a website builder that was first introduced in 2001. Of course, back then it didn’t support even 5% of the features it has nowadays, but today it is described as one of the most reputable, quick and reliable website builders you can find. It features a unique administration interface, a rich store of add-ons and features that can extend your website’s functionality, and flexible paid subscription plans that will take your website to the next level.

Depending on your needs and preferences, Webs can help you launch a website in less than an hour! Of course, if you’d like to spend more time setting up your website, then Webs will offer you a wide range of tools and features that you can use to modify and fine tune every single aspect of your future web page. Webs’ offers free-to-use website templates that look flawlessly, so make sure to check them out too!


If you are inexperienced designer and you want the simplest of interfaces for your website builder, then Weebly is the platform that you need to check out closely. It features one of the most unique WYSIWYG interfaces (What You See Is What You Get), and it can help you modify every part of your website in a matter of minutes. This great interface makes it incredibly easy for users to try out different styles and graphics until they get it just right. Weebly will provide you with a rich list of website templates to choose from, and the best part is that each one of their templates is SEO-ready and fully responsive.

Another interesting feature that Weebly offers is its eCommerce platform. The eCommerce solution offered by this website builders comes with powerful analytics, a wide range of important online store features, and pre-made extensions that you can use to extend your online store’s functionality.

Guest post by Shah:

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