3 Highly Effective Tips to Harness the Potential of Video for Landing Pages

Using videos in landing pages is not new, and over the years it has been proven time and time again to be extremely effective. However in order to harness the potential that comes along with it, you need to make sure that you’re engineering both your landing page and video to take advantage of its ability to attract interest, engage, and convert.

streaming video

  • Make sure the design is focused on the video

When you’re using a video on a landing page it should be the focus of attention. Make sure that it is placed prominently so that it is the first thing the audience looks at, and also make sure that the design doesn’t include too many other unnecessary elements that may distract from it. Really all you need is the video and a simple form or call-to-action button beside it for conversions.

  • Keep the video short

The videos that tend to perform best on landing pages are those that are short and directly to the point. Ideally you should aim to grab your audience’s attention in the first 10 seconds, and then spend the rest of the time (45 to 60 seconds) putting forth a value proposition that reinforces your call to action at the end.

  • Track, analyze and improve

Very few videos or landing pages are ‘perfect’ when they are first created and most could benefit from various improvements. That is why you’ll want to track as many valuable metrics as you can using analytics, including the number of views, audience retention, conversion rate, and so on. With these metrics you can then improve both the video and landing page design.

Be sure to follow these tips and you should be able to make sure your landing pages that incorporate videos really make the most out of them. That being said it is important that the videos you create for your landing pages are of a high quality in the first place – which is where you may want to turn to Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

Essentially Movavi Screen Capture Studio will let you create high quality and professional-looking videos by recording footage from your screen, or even from a webcam. More importantly it also includes features that will let you edit your video by cutting and joining video segments, improving the video quality, inserting customizable text, applying special effects and filters, including background music, and more. If you want you can even use it to record online video that you may find helpful.

All said and done Movavi Screen Capture Studio could be an extremely useful tool both in helping you create videos for your landing page, and saving online videos that contain great tips and tricks that you could benefit from. With that in mind you should make it a point to at least try it out, and see what it can do for you.