40+ Embossed Business Cards for Your Inspiration

A business card is more than just a company logo and personal identity. It plays a key role in the marketing of business by leaving a memorable impression in the client’s mind. Business card is an ambassador of your business standards and expertise so before going to digg print services, let have a look at these embossed business cards to get some ideas on how to make your business cards stand out.

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1. Minimalist Embossed Business 4

1_Minimalist Embossed Business 4

Minimalist Embossed Business 4

2. Jaclyn Studor

2_Jaclyn Studor

Jaclyn Studor

3. Cloudrock Brand System

3_Cloudrock Brand System

Cloudrock Brand System

4. Aeris Aviation Embossed

4_Aeris Aviation Embossed

Aeris Aviation Embossed

5. Road Dog Business Card Design

5_Road Dog Business Card Design

Road Dog Business Card Design

6. Dincense - Letterpress Business Card

6_Dincense - Letterpress Business Card

Dincense - Letterpress Business Card

7. The Flightless Design Business Card

7_The Flightless Design Business Card

The Flightless Design Business Card

8. Self-Promotion – Portfolio

8_Self-Promotion – Portfolio

Self-Promotion – Portfolio

9. Sommelier Markov Anatoly

9_Sommelier Markov Anatoly

Sommelier Markov Anatoly

10. Card Designs

10_Card Designs

Card Designs

11. Letterpress by Emletterpress

11_Letterpress by Emletterpress

Letterpress by Emletterpress

12. Three Four Three Business Cards

12_Three Four Three Business Cards

Three Four Three Business Cards

13. Anastasiya Palladino

13_Anastasiya Palladino

Anastasiya Palladino

14. Business Cards Back

14_Business Cards Back

Business Cards Back

15. Love Money

15_Love Money

Love Money

16. Elkha



17. Square 24pt With Emboss Business Cards

17_Square 24pt With Emboss Business Cards

Square 24pt With Emboss Business Cards

18. Business Card - Mischa

18_Business Card - Mischa

Business Card - Mischa

19. Blind Embossed Business Card

19_Blind Embossed Business Card

Blind Embossed Business Card

20. My Wwn Businesscards

20_My Wwn Businesscards

My Wwn Businesscards

21. MyORB - Black Umbrella Identity

21_MyORB - Black Umbrella Identity

MyORB - Black Umbrella Identity

22. Mathias Tanguy

22_Mathias Tanguy

Mathias Tanguy

23. ID Branding System

23_ID Branding System

ID Branding System

24. Never Without

24_Never Without

Never Without

25. All Wellness

25_All Wellness

All Wellness

26. Business Card

26_Business Card

Business Card

27. Jacob Loose Mansion

27_Jacob Loose Mansion

Jacob Loose Mansion

28. Forget Computers

28_Forget Computers

Forget Computers

29. Alex Doty Business Card

29_Alex Doty Business Card

Alex Doty Business Card

30. Sarah



31. NGAP



32. Business Card - Tiana M

32_Business Card - Tiana M

Business Card - Tiana M

33. Villainy and Associates

33_Villainy and Associates

Villainy and Associates

34. Business Card

34_Business Card

Business Card

35. Julian Hrankov

35_Julian Hrankov

Julian Hrankov

36. Foiled Blue Businesscard

36_Foiled Blue Businesscard

Foiled Blue Businesscard

37. Silver Foil

37_Silver Foil

Silver Foil

38. Card Designs

38_Card Designs

Card Designs

39. Custom Foil Business Cards

39_Custom Foil Business Cards

Custom Foil Business Cards

40. D² Interior Elements

40_D² Interior Elements

D² Interior Elements

41. Business Cards

41_Business Cards

Business Cards

42. Kilian Feller

42_Kilian Feller

Kilian Feller

43. Building Identity

43_Building Identity

Building Identity

44. Business Cards

44_Business Cards

Business Cards

45. Hidden Creative Business Cards

45_Hidden Creative Business Cards

Hidden Creative Business Cards

46. Aphrodite Hand-Made Jewelry

46_Aphrodite Hand-Made Jewelry

Aphrodite Hand-Made Jewelry

47. Parker Marketing Group

47_Parker Marketing Group

Parker Marketing Group

48. Business Cards

48_Business Cards

Business Cards

49. Letterpress Business Card

49_Letterpress Business Card

Letterpress Business Card

50. Arista Homes

50_Arista Homes

Arista Homes

51.BC Letterpressed Embossed

BC Letterpressed Embossed

BC Letterpressed Embossed

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