The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Website

Over 50% of the 21st-century shoppers are moved by visuals. Their purchasing decision is often influenced by colors. Every brand needs to use the right colors not only for its logo but when designing websites too.

There is hardly any business owner that wants to end up with a website that looks bland or garish. It’s not surprising that top brands have been using the psychology of color to their advantage. They understand the importance of creating a color scheme that depicts their brand identity. 

Choosing the right color scheme can help customers to recognize your brand, boost retention rate and reduce bounce rate. You don’t need to be a design and color combination expert to pull this off. These suggestions will help you to choose the right color scheme for your website. 

  • Opt for a balanced color combination

Be clear about the number of colors you want to use for the design. Although there isn’t a one size fit all approach, around 3-4 colors should be enough. Try to put the personality of your target demographic into consideration when choosing a primary color.

You can stick to the 60-30-10 rule. This implies that you should your allocate 60% for dominant color while secondary color and accent color should be 30% and 10% respectively. It’s easier to come up with a perfect set of colors if you keep contrast in mind. 

  • Be customer-centric

Avoid choosing colors because of sentimental reasons or making the decision without proper research and planning. You may need to change the colors later on and it will take some for your customers to adjust.

Focusing on your target customers is the key to establishing an emotional connection with them. Define the type of response you want from them each time they come across your brand and products.

It should be noted that some colors that appeal to millennials may not produce the same effect in the older generations.

  • Use the color wheel

Having a basic understanding of color theory can help you to choose the perfect color scheme for your website. Use the color wheel to discover complementary and analogous colors. It’s ideal to come up with many combinations and go with the best match.

Besides, you can maximize color matching tools and enlist other key players in your team during the process.

  • Know how colors trigger emotions

Humans tend to associate different emotions with each color. Take note of the following tips when choosing a website color scheme:

  1. Opt for pink or purple if your products are geared towards women.
  2. Black is a perfect choice in case you’re offering luxury products.
  3. A color like blue is gender-neutral. It can also make customers feel secure.
  4. Study your competitors

Apart from gaining insights to improve your digital marketing plan, it’s possible to discover inspiring website designs ideas by checking your competitors. Check whether there is a recurring pattern in the color schemes of the big shots and local brands in your industry.

These tips and rules for effective use of color will not only serve you well on your website, but you can apply them to a range of other marketing materials. From flyers and posters to custom stickers, using the perfect color scheme will make your materials more aesthetically pleasing and help you to engage with your audience.

You can either choose a different path or follow the bandwagon. Choosing the latter will set you apart from competitors.

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