Fire Curtains by Tom Lacoste

Tom Lacoste is a creative photographer from Bordeaux, France.

Fire is the most amazing matter I know, because of its kind of free will. Its magmas and textures take shape so fast that only your shutter can freeze them. You cannot imagine when you press the trigger the world your about to capture on your censor.

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Images © Tom Lacoste Photography

1_Expérimentation Enflammée2_Fire Curtains by Tom Lacoste3_Fire Curtains by Tom Lacoste4_Fire Curtains by Tom Lacoste5_Fire Curtains by Tom Lacoste6_Fire Curtains by Tom Lacoste7_Fire Curtains by Tom Lacoste8_Fire Curtains by Tom Lacoste9_Fire Curtains by Tom Lacoste10_Fire Curtains by Tom Lacoste

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