Stone Footprints by Iain Blake

These tiny little feet are so cute! In the series Stone Footprints, Scottish photographer Iain Blake places these cheerful stones in fun footprint patterns and paths across his compositions. By adding just five tiny stone “toes” to a larger stone, the inanimate objects become alive with emotion and personality.

1. Leave Only Footprints

1_Leave Only Footprints

Leave Only Footprints

2. Three in a Bed

2_Three in a Bed

Three in a Bed

3. Family Circle

3_Family Circle

Family Circle

4. Little Big Foot

4_Little Big Foot

Little Big Foot

5. United Colours

5_United Colours

United Colours

6. Toe The Line

6_Toe The Line

Toe The Line

7. Spot The Difference

7_Spot The Difference

Spot The Difference

8. Walk The Line

8_Walk The Line

Walk The Line

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