Creative Billboard Designs

In our couple of posts we have shared an inspirational stuff about custom stickers, cheap brochure printing from UPrinting, typography poster designs and wall stickers. Today, we are going to share beautiful billboard designs where the creativity of designers is the open evidence.

Billboard is a large outdoor advertising structure commonly found in high traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. A billboard is one of the best and effective way on promoting products and services specially if it looks attractive.

We hope that you will enjoy these inspiring and creative billboard designs, and if you find these interesting please share this with your peers. Here are some other interesting stuff on Medical Brochures, Stone Footprints and Graffiti Art.

1. Oldtimer Restaurants Tunnel

1_Oldtimer Restaurants Tunnel

Oldtimer Restaurants Tunnel

2. Koleston Naturals Change

2_Koleston Naturals Change

Koleston Naturals Change

3. Mars Chilled Tongue

3_Mars Chilled Tongue

Mars Chilled Tongue

4. Nitco Wood Finish Tiles Roots

4_Nitco Wood Finish Tiles Roots

Nitco Wood Finish Tiles Roots

5. Pimple Climbing

5_Pimple Climbing

Pimple Climbing

6. Nationwide Insurance Spilt Paint

6_Nationwide Insurance Spilt Paint

Nationwide Insurance Spilt Paint

7. The Naval Museum of Alberta Billboard

7_The Naval Museum of Alberta Billboard

The Naval Museum of Alberta Billboard

8. Rimac



9. Creativity in Advertising

9_Creativity in Advertising

Creativity in Advertising

10. Colorado State Patrol

10_Colorado State Patrol

Colorado State Patrol

11. Male Stripper

11_Male Stripper

Male Stripper

12. See both Sides of the Story

12_See both Sides of the Story

See both Sides of the Story

13. Donatos Pizza

13_Donatos Pizza

Donatos Pizza

14. MC Cafe

14_MC Cafe

MC Cafe

15. Burnout



16. Quit Plan

16_Quit Plan

Quit Plan

17. Nokia



18. Beard Growing Billboard

18_Beard Growing Billboard

Beard Growing Billboard

19. Heidelberg Cement Group

19_Heidelberg Cement Group

Heidelberg Cement Group

20. Don’t Drop Your Girl

20_Don’t Drop Your Girl

Don’t Drop Your Girl

21. Providence



22. Lord of the Rings

22_Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

23. Baylor Healthcare 3D EKG

23_Baylor Healthcare 3D EKG

Baylor Healthcare 3D EKG

24. Castrol Liquid Engineering

24_Castrol Liquid Engineering

Castrol Liquid Engineering

25. Colour Tackle

25_Colour Tackle

Colour Tackle

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