25 Creative Custom Stickers Examples for Inspiration

Stickers are one the most effective advertising tool both for companies and for personal needs. Designed with the intention to be attached on almost any surface, they gained a lot of popularity and over time they have become strong allies in advertising, branding or political campaigns.

Custom stickers are very helpful in the advertising of your brand. PrintRunner custom stickers are affordable, high quality and the best solution for companies of any size. You just need to get creative and wait for the results.

When designing stickers, you have to think out of the box, leaving behind the standard rectangular paper and thin fonts and moving forward to different shapes, forms and bold typefaces. Have a look at the below collection of creative custom stickers and do share your feedback in the form of comments.

1. Truffle Stickers

1_Truffle Stickers

Truffle Stickers

2. Bad Bunny Mascot Stickers

2_Bad Bunny Mascot Stickers

Bad Bunny Mascot Stickers

3. Bling Blinh Tooth

3_Bling Blinh Tooth

Bling Blinh Tooth

4. Custom Stickers

4_Custom Stickers

Custom Stickers




6. Identité Visuelle

6_Identité Visuelle

Identité Visuelle

7. Dont Stop Me Now

7_Dont Stop Me Now

Dont Stop Me Now

8. Stickers



9. Ilus Varias

9_Ilus Varias

Ilus Varias

10. Unigirl and Onigirl

10_Unigirl and Onigirl

Unigirl and Onigirl

11. Twilight Sparkle Sticker

11_Twilight Sparkle Sticker

Twilight Sparkle Sticker

12. Sticker Pack

12_Sticker Pack

Sticker Pack

13. My Little Pony Cuddle Time

13_My Little Pony Cuddle Time

My Little Pony Cuddle Time

14. Sticker - Mad Again! - 2011

14_Sticker - Mad Again! - 2011

Sticker - Mad Again! - 2011

15. Kolor



16. W is for Wiking

16_W is for Wiking

W is for Wiking

17. Autumn Leaves

17_Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

18. Yums Zombike

18_Yums Zombike

Yums Zombike

19. 2009 Flash Portfolio

19_2009 Flash Portfolio

2009 Flash Portfolio

20. For Brady

20_For Brady

For Brady

21. Mister Tee 2011

21_Mister Tee 2011

Mister Tee 2011

22. Little Aquarians Sticker Set

22_Little Aquarians Sticker Set

Little Aquarians Sticker Set

23. HUGS!



24. Metrio Coffee Packagin

24_Metrio Coffee Packagin

Metrio Coffee Packagin

25. Megani Sticker

25_Megani Sticker

Megani Sticker

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