30 Bright Colorful Website Design

As we look around the web, we see so many examples of designers who have brilliantly used color in web design projects to make the page or various page elements really pop. Finding the right color scheme for a website design can often be a real challenge. Bright colors are sometimes not favored by designers, but in the right situation they can be very effective.

The skillfull use of colors is a talent that all designers should possess. When used excessively, a design can look scattered, “rainbow-like”, and distracting. When used too sparingly, a design can look bland.

Below is a showcase of sites where the designers struck that balance nicely. From headers to backgrounds to calls to action and beyond, these bold and beautiful uses of color in web design are sure to inspire you to find interesting ways to wield this powerful element in your next project.

1. Jubble Bubble Tea

30_Jubble Bubble Tea

Jubble Bubble Tea

2. Bookkeeping in a Box!

2_Bookkeeping in a Box!

Bookkeeping in a Box!

3. Haãfe & Haph

3_Haãfe & Haph

Haãfe & Haph

4. Inservio Web Solutions

4_Inservio Web Solutions

Inservio Web Solutions

5. ActionHead Studios

5_ActionHead Studios

ActionHead Studios

6. FontShop



7. Adventure World

7_Adventure World

Adventure World

8. Global Team Travel

8_Global Team Travel

Global Team Travel

9. Corona Radiata

9_Corona Radiata

Corona Radiata

10. Mastec



11. Lyrically Noted

11_Lyrically Noted

Lyrically Noted

12. Silver Pistol

12_Silver Pistol

Silver Pistol

13. Dimchevski Designs

13_Dimchevski Designs

Dimchevski Designs

14. Pumatalk



15. Hitmo



16. Anet Design

16_Anet Design

Anet Design

17. Trinity Web Tech

17_Trinity Web Tech

Trinity Web Tech

18. Andrea Dovizioso

18_Andrea Dovizioso

Andrea Dovizioso

19. Red Pop

19_Red Pop

Red Pop

20. X Producciones Gráficas

20_X Producciones Gráficas

X Producciones Gráficas

21. Dribbble Draft

21_Dribbble Draft

Dribbble Draft

22. Marlin Jackson

22_Marlin Jackson

Marlin Jackson

23. Opala Rosa Choque

23_Opala Rosa Choque

Opala Rosa Choque

24. Deconstruction Records

24_Deconstruction Records

Deconstruction Records

25. Fuel Brand Inc.

25_Fuel Brand Inc.

Fuel Brand Inc.

26. Art4Web



27. Daniel Sitek

27_Daniel Sitek

Daniel Sitek

28. Wallt



29. Ryan Keiser

29_Ryan Keiser

Ryan Keiser

30. Brooks Shoe Advisor

1_Brooks Shoe Advisor

Brooks Shoe Advisor


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